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RTL 2095

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Nordstrom Research Paper

  • Introduction: Watch the Nordstrom video below.
  • History of Nordstrom: Give a brief history of the Nordstrom’s Company
  • Identify all the channelsthat Nordstrom’s uses to service their customers (store, phone, web, social, or mobile) Discuss each in detail.
  • Research Nordstrom careers. Identify one position that interests you. What is the job description for this position? What are the requirements for this position? How can you better prepare yourself for this position? List three questions you would ask if you had the opportunity to interview for this position. Would you consider working for this company? Why or Why not?
  • Complete a SWOT analysis for Nordstrom’s. Strengths and weaknesses which are usually from within the organization and opportunities, and threats which are usually from outside of the organization. List all separately. What impact does the Covid 19 virus have on Nordstrom’s and how is that different from the impact on other retailers?
  • Who is Nordstrom’s competition? Explain in detail why they are Nordstrom’s competition.
  • After watching the Nordstrom YouTube video list 2 services offered by the NYC Nordstrom store and the pros and cons of each.

This research paper should be a minimum of 10 pages. You must have a works cited page and document all your information.

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Nordstrom stores
It’s a new dawn for the big company and a dream come true for the longer run. Through
its continued struggle and investment, the company has finally got a chance to engage the New
York City market. Opening one of the largest stores within the city, the company has brought in
a new platform for competitors, and there is continued visibility of improvement and serving the
people within the town. The company has several outlets within different cities, but here it's the
first-time venture for the big retailer. However, the company is opening doors to the broad
market when most of the surrounding and existing big players are moving out of the city. Despite
all these visible challenges and continue exits by key players, the company is continually
engaging its market and gets assured of success in the new flagship.
The customers during the launch are quite prepared and show a greater need for the new
market and is an excellent way through their continued zeal and motivation written all over their
faces. However, from the store's appearance, there is a significantly different idea and approach
with the news outlet in New York City. Despite the proximity and the environment situated, the
company is much focused on its customers and through the continued creation of customer
service experience. An introduction of a shoe bar within the store shows how detailed Nordstrom

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values its customers. The platform that follows tries to look deeper into the company and the
different aspects that make the company different from the rest within the market.
History of Nordstrom
Nordstrom is a chain of luxury department stores founded in 1901 by John W. Nordstrom
and Carl F. Wallin. The original company shape adopted that of a shoe store and has continued
to evolve to establish a full-line retail store with different lines. The company continued to deal
with specific products that form the various departments within its continued improvement.
These departments include footwear, handbags, jewelry, accessories, cosmetics, and clothing.
The company, through its different department stores, has also continued to venture and
incorporate the elements of home furnishing; wedding departments and several of these stores
have in-house restaurants, cafes, and espresso bars.
The founding company in 1901 has continued to bring up new founding and
establishments over the different cities. The company, which has continually experienced
success in its various departments, ventured in different markets and established its flash stores
in major cities within the different states (Comen). The company focuses, and the different
customer drives expansion tastes a continued business success in a specific area where most of
their stores located. In the recent year, the company managed to open up one of the largest stores
within New York City which runs on three floors and maintains a significant aspect of the
company in currently operates 117 stores in 40 states in the United States. Through its chain of
stores, the company experiences a decentralized governance mechanism. The fourth generation
of the company founders continues to head the company in different roles since the last demise
of one of the sons, which has seen Erik Nordstrom become the sole CEO in 2020.

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Channels of customer service
Nordstrom utilizes several channels in ensuring that the customer services are delivered
at the right time and establishes more significant customer interaction with both the product and
the company (Ding). These channels within the organization ensure that the continued flow of
information and communication between the organization and its customers well established to
facilitate a smooth service provision. Being the center of the organiza...

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