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Causes and Effects of Racism
Racism involves discriminating against other people based on their physical traits such as
the shape of their eyes, the colours of their skins, their hair and other things that differentiate
people from various ancestries. The issue of racism is common in the world. It has led to people
in various countries, allowing or denying others the accessibility of important services and other
human needs because they are physically different from them. Racism is caused by several issues
such as groups seeing as the reason for their problems and accusing them of their anger,
historical injustices and people feeling threatened when their cultures are at risk. Racism causes
socio-economic problems, mental problems such as depression and injustice against the targeted
groups in the US and the rest of the world.
One of the reasons for racism is the need to find people to blame for the problems that
affect a society. Majority groups tend to blame minority and marginalized groups in societies for
their problems and therefore subjecting the groups to discrimination and unfair treatment. Many
cases in the world involve dominant groups blaming minority groups for issues that may have
nothing to do with them. For example, during the era of the Nazi rule in Europe, countries led by
Nazis such as German participated in racial injustice such as killing th...

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