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Present a short formal analysis of deChant’s Primer. Students with last name between A - M were assigned Chapter 3 entitled, Secularization and students with last name between N- Z were assigned Chapter 4 entitled, The Secularization Dispute and Beyond: Religion and Western Culture Today). The paper must do the following:

  1. Offer a brief sketch (summary/overview) of the reading, including note of topic, major sections, and subsections.
  2. Specify the primary focus of the chapter and how it is addressed. Think about this as the question the author is trying to answer, problem to be solved, issue to clarified.
  3. Identify at least three key terms and concepts (other than religion) used by the author, note their meaning, and explain how author uses them to develop the Chapter.
  4. Specify the author’s most important points (at least two) and explain why they are important.
  5. Explain what the author is saying about religion and secularization.

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Secularization is a broad term that is hotly debated and contested over. However, it can
be defined as the process in which religion is marginalized in a society with other sectors
in society such as government, politics, economics, and science eclipsing the position
previously held by the church.

For us to understand secularization, the chapter starts by focusing on the journey of
Christianity as a religion and how it rose to become a dominant religion among other
religions despite it starting in what seemed to appear like a small sect.

Primary Focus

Christianity takes center stage in this chapter as the author uses the journey of
Christianity which he notes is different from religion such as Islam when it comes to

As Christianity continued to gain more followers, the government which initially opposed
the religion began the process of institutionalization through the Catholic church and
made it the legal religion in the Roman Empire.

Key terms and concepts

Christianity took up many forms including Catholicism which paved way for Protestant
Reformation which rejected the cosmological reformation system offered by Catholicism
which had come to be synonymous with Christianity.

By using the term Catholicism, the author who started by explaining the journey of
Christianity and the rise of Christianity uses Catholicism to mean the accepted form of

As opposed to using the word secularization, the author starts by using the term
disenchantment to mean the devaluation of Christianity.

Institutionalization is another term that the author frequently uses to mean the
establishment of a new convention or norm within a culture. Seeing that religion was
closely intertwined with the culture and everyday life of the people during medieval
times such that one could not exist without the other, the institutionalizati...

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