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As a Chief Security Officer of a hypothetical large business organization (the hypothetical large business organization is company XYZ), analyze the different sensitive data communications that occur and discuss what infrastructure is necessary to prevent security breaches. Also include a Security Policy and plan to implement to maintain the infrastructure.

1.Write the introduction

2.Analyze the different sensitive data communications that occur

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5.Please format your references & follow the APA guidelines

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Enterprise Infrastructure

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Enterprise Infrastructure
Data communication is a critical activity in a business organisation. It usually refers to
digital data transmission between two or more computers and data network, allowing the
exchange of data. Wireless media or cable media are some of the critical computing devices
which are used in data communication. Internet is one of the key known networks which
facilitate data communication. The data communication may be local where the data is
transferred inside the organisation or external where the information is transferred outside the
organization’s geographical area (Morozov, 2017). However, the data communication transfer
sensitive communication, which need to be protected from the access of unauthorized authority
in safeguarding the security or privacy of the organisation. The purpose of the study is analyzing
different sensitive data communication as well as understanding some of significant
opportunities which need to be incorporated in preventing security breaches.
Different sensitive data communications that occur
One of the vital sensitive data communications is the transference of personal information
in the organisation. The data entail all the information which can be traced back to the individual.
Disclosing such information is likely to cause harm to an individual. The information composes
of personally identifiable financial information, medical information or biometric information
(Cudak et al., 2016). The same may also comprise of passport information or the social security
number. The threats which are likely to come as a result compose of ide...

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