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Corporate Profile Module III:

Company: Nike

Apa style, 12 font size, times new roman

5-6 pages.

You are to include three independent articles in this section.


Why do companies engage in international trade? Is your company “global”? If it isn’t, why do you think it has chosen to remain purely domestic?

If it is global, what cultural and legal differences does it encounter in the global business environment?

What form of international business activity does it engage in?

Which strategic approaches does your company use?

If your company does not engage in international business activity, what country do you think would be good for your company's expansion, and what strategic approach would you suggest?

If your company does have international operations, do you think the selected strategy is working? Would you change anything about your company's strategy?

Overall: Your paper should be a combination of material from the company itself (website is one source), other business references (Business Week, the Wall Street Journal, Business Source Premier, Fortune Magazine, Forbes, Hoovers, Google Finance, Yahoo Finance, Bloomberg, etc.), the textbook, and your own interpretation of the topic.

* no need for intro and conclusion for the paper. its only need to answer all the questions by providing all the information needed for the assignment.

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Global trade of Nike Company
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The reason companies engage in International trade
International trade has grown rapidly over the years with companies embracing it with
great zeal. These particular companies who trade globally make crucial decisions that eventually
link major global economy sectors that shape the lives of employees in these firms worldwide
(Diez, Mora & Spearot, 2018). Companies have adopted trading across the globe due to the
following reasons; it enables consumers have wide variety of products to choose from, Pettinger
(2019). This is because the consumers get to access imported products that are not available in
the domestic markets. International trade enables companies enjoy the economies of scale due to
specialization in production of particular products (Pettinger, 2019). Another reason for
international trade is that, it increases the market share of a company which in turn increases
sales and as such, companies get more profits.
Companies get to decrease competition since they access other markets in other states.
Reputation of companies get enhanced when they trade with other continents (Martinuzzi, 2018).
This may be brought by the success of a business venture from one country to another that in
turn raises the profile of a firm. Companies are able to dispose the excess products produced that
may not be sold at the domestic market through international trade. Firms in international trade
often benefit when the currency rate fluctuates as such, they export more goods as the
international consumers’ benefit (Martinuzzi, 2018). Through international trade, companies
have realized the need for innovations and upgrading of products and services hence gaining
market advantage. The increase in the number of clients in the international markets leads to the
growth of the company and this leads to the increment in the total revenue of the firm.
Nike is Global Company


Nike is an international company located in the United States. The company deals in
production, development, manufacture, design and the marketing of sport shoes and other sport
equipment (Hopwood, 2019). The company came into existence in 1964 and was founded by
Philip Knight, who was an athle...

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