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Chapter Eight (8): Information Governance and Legal Functions: According to the authors, Smallwood, Kahn, and Murphy, IG is perhaps one of the functional areas that impact legal functions most. Failure to meet them could be literally put an organization out of business or land executives in prison. Privacy, security, records management, information technology (IT), and business management functions are very important. However, the most significant aspect of all of these functions relates to legality and regulatory compliance from a critical perspective.

Q1: When we take a close look at the author’s point of view, under the Federal Rules of Civil Procedures (FRCP) amendments dating back to 1938 there has been governance and the discovery of evidence in lawsuits and other civil cases. Please name and briefly discuss the three (3) reasons why corporations must proactively manage the e-discovery process?

Chapter Nine (9): Information Governance (IG) and Records and Information Management Functions. From the Chapter, we have learned from that Records Management (RM) is a key impact area of IG – so much that in the RM space, IG is often thought of as synonymous with or a single superset of RM. From that perspective, the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) defined business records as “information created, received, and maintained as evidence and information by an organization or person, in pursuance of legal obligations or in the transaction in the form of records.”

Q1: To further enhance our knowledge and understanding of RM, ISO provided a more refined definition of RM to a granular level as “[the] field of management responsible for the efficient and systematic control of what...? Identify and complete the missing phrase to directly complete the granular definition?

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Information Governance outline
A. Chapter 8
EDiscovery is essential
a. For organizations to have a reliable strategy of information management, they
should consider eDiscovery as a critical element of their operations.
Readiness and importance are at odds
a. Most organizations and groups in modern society lack the required
preparedness regarding eDiscovery.
This reality contrasts the perceived importance that is often associated with
iii. Volumes of electronic experiencing rapid growth
a. Most organizations in modern society are involved in the enormous daily
b. As a consequence, they have large amounts of data that they should store and
c. The rapid growth of ESI is an indication that corporations are likely to face
challenges during the ESI production.
B. Chapter 9
“The field of management responsible for the efficient and systematic control of
the creation, receipt, maintenance, use and disposition of records, including the
processes for capturing and mai...

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