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Introduction Local economic development (LED) involves economic development whereby local people are encouraged to work together to attain sustainable economic growth and development. When locals work together, they will create economic benefits and improve the quality of life for everyone in society. Some basic concepts of LED include social development, economic devilment, infrastructure development, and environmental development. In social development, local economic development operations will be committed to improving the social wellbeing of people in society from which organizations draw their employees. Economic development involves programs that will create opportunities for local people to support the economic growth of society (Blakely & Leigh, 20130. Infrastructure development involves the improvement of communication and transport networks to enhance service delivery in the society. Finally, environmental development involves the betterment of the environment and conservation of local resources such as water, land, and natural resources. Background Local economic development in Ontario, Canada provides a wide range of programs that attracts and retains business investments in the region. The region recognizes the need for LED in resolving local economic, social, and infrastructural challenges. In Ontario, Canada, LED focuses on programs and initiatives that foster local workforce development, technology innovation, and strategies for economic development (Arku, 2015). The expectations of LED in Ontario, Canada are to identify opportunities that will advance the local economy and improvement of underlying conditions that will enhance economic development in the region. The topic of LED is important because it has been established as one of the most significant ways of reducing poverty and enhancing economic development in local communities. Local economic development operations are aimed at creating job opportunities for the local people and making the local economy develop. This means that more industries, factories, and local businesses must be started in the region. Key local stakeholders, such as the municipality, must be involved in making decisions that will grow the economy and make income opportunities for the locals (Arku, 2015). The topic will be important in identifying the poverty level and unemployment as the main challenges facing Ontario, Canada. LED strategies have prioritized on poverty reduction, job creation, and economic development. The topic of local economic development is popular in major cities, towns, and regions that are focused on enhancing social, economic, and infrastructural development. LED should be based on the visions of an integrated development plan, identify local challenges and prioritize of economic development of the locals. Currently, LED is applied in Ontario, Canada, by the Ontario East Economic Development Commission to recognize the need for local and regional approaches in resolving economic development challenges in the region. The application of LED will be accomplished through effective leveraging of the economic development partners in advancing sustainable economic growth in the region. The applications of LED operations and strategies are intended to generate opportunities in the local and regional levels that will support the creation of job opportunities, create wealth and investments across the region (Arku, 2015). Economic development programs have been established to provide cost-share funds that twill support activities that create a sustainable economy, and opening doors for local economic growth. EDP focuses on removing barriers for economic growth, attracting local investments, training and retaining the local skilled workforce, strengthening all economic sectors, and diversifying the local economy. References Arku, G. (2015). Economic development practices of cities in Ontario, Canada. Community Development, 46(5), 604-615. Blakely, E. J., & Leigh, N. G. (2013). Planning local economic development. Sage. ...
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Local economic development (LED)
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