APS 101 Macleay College Role of Celebrity Endorsement in Marketing Discussion



APS 101

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write an essay on celebrity endorsement in marketing.

details are given below.

using harvard referencing.

please submit the assignment within a day as its not supposed to be more than 500 words with less research with the required format picture attached below.

APS 101 Macleay College Role of Celebrity Endorsement in Marketing Discussion

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Assessment Brief –APS101 – Assessment 2 ACADEMIC AND PROFESSIONAL SKILLS Assessment 2 Formal Essay Due: Weighting: Submission: Format: Type: Week 8 30% Written submission via Moodle PDF Individual assessment Learning Outcomes: b. Apply the skills required for academic success in higher education, in particular, the role of time management, information literacy and data management c. Express and effectively communicate ideas in both written and verbal form e. Utilise critical and creative thinking skills within academic, personal and professional contexts Description: In this assessment, students are required to: a. Write a draft for a 500 word academic essay on a topic relevant to the outcomes of the unit b. Submit their draft to Studiosity for comment c. Document the changes and improvements made to the essay based on these comments d. Complete a final 500 word essay Students will be required to form a cohesive argument using at least four academic sources, and present the essay in a suitable format. The precise wording and scope of the essay will be given in the first few weeks of the trimester. This assessment will build on the research conducted in preparing the Annotated Bibliography (Assessment 1). Approaches to completing all elements of the assessment will be covered in class; specifically:  Harvard referencing – discussed in detail in Topic 3  Conducting relevant research – discussed in detail in Topic 4  Written communication skills – discussed in detail in Topic 5 A formal essay is a piece of writing that informs or persuades its audience. The writer of the academic essay aims to persuade readers of an idea based on evidence. The essay is always structured the same way: an introduction, the main body, and a conclusion. The main purpose of the essay is to present an argument. ASSESSMENT BRIEF 2 ACADEMIC AND PROFESSIONAL SKILLS (APS101) File: APS101 Assessment 2 brief.doc Author: Prof. C Auld / Dr M Aston Date: 12/09/2019 Status: APPROVED 1 Assessment Brief –APS101 – Assessment 2 Additional notes Students will be required to:  Demonstrate a good understanding of the subject  Display familiarity with well known theories/theorists (if applicable)  Use critical analysis and research skills  Develop a coherent argument  Use effective writing and referencing skills. Most essays will:  Use transition signals at the beginning of paragraphs instead of headings (for example, ‘Secondly…’, ‘In conclusion…’)  Link ideas into cohesive paragraphs  Not have any supporting visual material Also it is important you note the following formatting guidelines:  Include a document title page (no contents page is required).  Remember to use page numbering.  Please use 12 point font only (generally use Times New Roman or Arial)  Use 1.5 or double spacing (not single spacing).  Use at least 2.5 cm (or 1 inch) margins all round.  Include a reference page as well as in-text referencing.  Please submit files as PDF documents  Include your name in the filename Academic integrity: All Macleay College students are expected to maintain high standards of academic honesty and integrity as published in the Student Handbook. Academic integrity is about truth, honesty and fairness in regards to student assessment work. The College policy and procedures aim to ensure that any student work submitted for assessments is the genuine and original work of that person and not plagiarised (taken from others) or a result of collusion (created with others but submitted as your own). In most cases of plagiarism, students will be required to resubmit their work within five (5) calendar days and will be eligible to receive a 50% pass mark only. For more serious cases of plagiarism, collusion or contract cheating, students may be required to discuss the matter with the Academic Coordinator or relevant Head of Faculty. ASSESSMENT BRIEF 2 ACADEMIC AND PROFESSIONAL SKILLS (APS101) File: APS101 Assessment 2 brief.doc Author: Prof. C Auld / Dr M Aston Date: 12/09/2019 Status: APPROVED 2 Assessment Brief –APS101 – Assessment 2 Marking Criteria & Rubric: Please note: all assessments use the general marking criteria adopted by Macleay College as indicated in the Unit Outline. The following criteria are specific to this assessment: NC Pass Cr Draft (5%) D HD Good attempt at meeting the key requirements. Essay is relatively well structured and coherent. There is a good attempt at referencing. Incomplete. Does not meet word limit. Irrelevant content. No referencing attempted. Improvements and Revisions (10%) Studiosity report has not been submitted. Studiosity report has been submitted with the assessment Comprehensive list of improvements and modifications. Minimal or no improvements have been flagged. Final Essay (15%) No spelling or grammatical errors. There are significant errors in spelling, grammar and/or punctuation. Written expression is virtually not understandable; nonsensical or incomprehensible sentences. The essay is exceptionally well written, with clear, concise sentences and paragraphs flowing from one to another; a very high academic standard. The introduction and conclusion are very well written and clearly defined. There is no introduction or conclusion, or it is difficult to isolate them from the main body of the essay. The main points were not directly related to the topic, with little to no rationale for their use, there was very structure or cohesion. Serious formatting errors (e.g. no title page, no page numbering, incorrect font, margins or line spacing); very poor or non-existent referencing. The essay has a clear, well developed argument that is backed-up by relevant sources with very good reasoning underpinning each selection. Exceptional effort in presentation conforming to all formatting guidelines; in-text referencing throughout; the final reference page contains no errors and uses the correct Macleay Harvard Referencing. - ENDS - ASSESSMENT BRIEF 2 ACADEMIC AND PROFESSIONAL SKILLS (APS101) File: APS101 Assessment 2 brief.doc Author: Prof. C Auld / Dr M Aston Date: 12/09/2019 Status: APPROVED 3 ...
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Final Answer

Hello, attached is the complete paper. Let me know in case of any issue.

The role of Celebrity endorsement in marketing


Celebrity endorsement 2
Celebrity endorsement is a crucial marketing tool that emerged in the early 1760s. In the
United States, Celebrity endorsement is highly popular, and at least 25% of all print and
television advertisements have featured celebrities (Muda, Musa, & Putit, 2017). In 2015 Nike
Inc. signed a lifetime endorsement deal with Lebron James, that will see the basketballer pocket
at least 1$ billion by the time he attains 64 years. Like Nike, other companies such as Puma are
investing heaving in celebrity endorsements. Celebrity endorsements have proved to be an
essential tool through which companies can attract new consumers, build brand equity, and
generate more revenue.

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