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I’m stuck on a History question and need an explanation.

I wanna write something about how China economic support to North Korea and Why, and How nuclear weapon affect this relationship, and how their relationship going on recently. You can't just do a summary , you need to give your own opinion to their relationship.

I already do a policy memo which you might can get some idea, but please don't copy from policy memo. Thank you very much.

you will submit your official research proposal (2-3 pages; double-spaced), which includes a thesis on your topic. Your proposal should also include your preliminary findings and a list of primary/secondary sources and evidence (bibliography) to support your argument, proving the viability of your project.

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China and Korea
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China and Korea

China and North Korea have been the strongest allies in terms of economic and
social support for a long time down the history. North Korea has depended on China's
support for economic development. After the North Korean government decided to
engage in nuclear testing, the relationship seems to have developed some complications.
China has been able to pull away most of its support from North Korea. The withdrawal
of china has been attributed to a negative impact on the economic and social development
of North Korea. China has previously viewed the North Korea nuclear program has a
threat to its ties with the European countries and also the United States of America (Yu &
Kwan, 2019). The countries' are giant business targets for china and complicating their
relationship means that china is going to suffer. Therefore, currently, the economic
relationship between China and North Korea is deteriorating and likely causing North
Korea to suffer economically.
China has tried to engage North Korea in various negotiation deals to ensure that
the country does not continue in its mission of missile launch. The economic effect of
engaging in nuclear testing is known to be lethal to North Korea since it is likely to cause
economic sabotage of the country. China understands the economic worthiness it carries
for North Korea and the effects to be realized by the country if they proceed with their
actions (Lee & Gray, 2017). North Korea is currently facing heavy economic sanctions
during such involvement and which will cost them heavily. The sanctions being imposed
will also affect the relationship between China and North Korea. Therefore, North Korea
needs to understand the weight of the issue. They need to understand that their economy



is going to be affected negatively and that they are going to suffer greatly, trying to
recover from the economic shock they will have obtained.
Recently, China has engaged in economic development support and policies with
North Korea, and this may be after understanding that support is a critical element of its
policy on North Korea. However, the relationship does not have a formal policy and has
not been reinstated to its original ties. Therefore, the country does enjoy the full support
and need to disband its nuclear policies to ensure full support from china. The economy
will not stabilize full if they continue engaging in nuclear testing, posing a threat to world
peace. The new economic relationship is seen to be benefiting both the countries since
China is seen to have developed so...

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