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Make this essay longer and beautiful by following the requirements. I have already 2 pages. but need you based on that correct, no matter how you correct it, just make it make sense and great.

I only write 3 body paragraphs, so you need to get some idea to add one before the counterargument paragraphs. THIS ESSAY NEED 5 QUOTES.


I could not upload I kill giants. but there is a movie has same name and similar plots. you can watch and search quotes online to use.

  • An introduction that has: an attention grabber, background, and ends with a thesis.
  • Thesis: Topic + comment model (You will be graded down if you write a list thesis or use "I think" or "I believe." You will receive an "F" on the rubric for doing so.)
  • Third person. No first person or "I," or use it rarely.
  • Body paragraphs that follow the PIE paragraph model (4 body paragraphs)
  • A minimum of 6 paragraphs total (including your introduction and conclusion)
  • A minimum of 5 quote sandwiches from the book total (paraphrases do not count; must be direct quotes with citations).
  • No outside sources. All quotes should be from the book because this essay is an analysis of the book.
  • Transitions with your topic sentences that are clear, provocative, and develop your thesis and provide unity in your essay!
  • Analyze your quotes instead of summarizing them!
  • Strong sentences that are both grammatically correct and sophisticated. Use appositives!
  • A conclusion that wraps up your ideas but also pushes further.
  • Follow Visual Formatting for Essays
  • Use proper MLA in-text citations and Works Cited entries.

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Du 1 Chaofan Du Sarah Lisha EWRT 1A De Anza College 3/17/20 Little Hero Barbara The definition of a hero is in a person who is admired or idealized for courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities. I kill Giant tells the story of Barbara against giants. Although this giant is only imaginary and has not endangered anyone's life, she is still a hero. Barbara is a brave girl, and she has extraordinary wisdom. In her fantasies, the giant's coming brings pain and panic. "Swamp giants will clear out a whole village of people, and replace them with dolls made of vines", "the sun will not shine upon it" (Kelly, Ch. 2). So she is busy with laying out bait, setting traps, and wanting to stop the giants. She was not only carrying a secret weapon that could kill the giant, but she also set up "organs" by the sea and in the forest. She spread jam on the branches, put the rest of the pasta on a shelf by the sea and tied a fishing net on the shelf. Barbara buried her fishing nets in the sand, hiding the traps. She also drew a curse on the abandoned carriage to curse the giant. Every day, she personally inspects and maintains the "gates" of these organization's mysterious giants. Barbara has noble qualities. She does not have a warm family. Her sister has a busy job and also takes care of the housework. This makes Barbara's sister can not take care of Barbara's thoughts and actions. Moreover, Barbara is also facing school violence. Barbara said helplessly, "People hate me. I don't steal the money from Du 2 mommy and daddy. But the way they look at me. So cold. So cold…" (Kelly, Ch. 1). To her, no one really understands her and care about her. However, she did not let the giants come to destroy this place where there was no love for her. She still uses her own ways to protect those who don't care about her. Barbara didn't turn her suffering into hatred to hurt those who had hurt her. Although Barbara did not make a huge achievement, she saved herself. Barbara does not use superpowers to save humans like Superman, nor like firefighters rescue trapped people from the fire. However, her victory in the fight against the giants also gave her the courage to face her life bravely. In the past, Barbara could not face the fact that her mother was about to die. She always saw the giant on the second floor, but this giant was actually the embodiment of her fear. This is because the second floor is home to her dying mother. Barbara thought that defeating the giant would prevent her mother from dying. So she tried to set traps and fight with giants. In the end, Barbara defeated the imaginary giant; at the same time, she defeated the fear in her heart. When the giant sank to the bottom of the ocean, the giant said, "All things that live, die. This is why you must find joy in the living, while the time is yours, and not fear the end" (Kelly, Ch. 7). This sentence brought Barbara back to reality and understood that the way to overcome fear is to face it. Just as Barbara faced the giant bravely, she also faced her mother's departure bravely. Since then, she has been reborn. Barbara spent the last time with her mother. And after attending her mother's funeral, she faced the imaginary giant, smiling, with tears in her eyes, and said, "We're alright ... I am alright. Thank you" (Kelly, Ch. 7). Barbara rescued herself from fantasy and began a brave new life. Barbara is not a hero in the traditional sense. However, she is still a hero who bravely faces life, school violence, and family instability. She also has noble qualities. Du 3 Heroes should not be judged by rules and regulations, nor should they be limited to saving others. Sometimes it is harder to save yourself than to save others like Barbara. Du 4 Works Cited Kelly, Joe, and J. M. Ken. Niimura. I Kill Giants. Image Comics, 2014. ...
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Barbara Thorson
1. Introduction
Based on the various heroic acts depicted by Barbara Thorson, the main character
in the book "I Kill Giants," one would agree that Barbara is a hero. She dedicates a lot of
her time to fighting giants on behalf of her hometown. The story is adventurous as it
explores a disturbed Barbara, her turmoil, emotions as well as her inner complexities. It
also seeks to identify the source of her rage. The story also illustrates a girl's journey
towards learning to love herself in her conquest to be a hero.
At the beginning of the movie, Barbara focuses on fighting the giants while
making the necessary preparations. She also understands that the incoming danger is real
and imminent. Barbara shows her concern for her hometown by preparing weapons such
as her talisman and her Coveleski war hammer to defend the town people from the giants.
She also sets traps along the beach to fend off the creatures. Barbara also depicts her
fearlessness and bravery when she takes Sophia, her new friend, on a giant hunting spree.

Surname 2
2. Discussion
Like any other hero, Barbara is also powerless at some points. For instance, she
has no friends at her school and continuously bothered by bullies. Even after making
friends with Sophia, she tells her that, "you don't want to get too close to me,
Sophia…people too close to me die." (Kelly, Joe, and JM Ken Niimura, pp 30). She also
shows her boldness when she confronts her elder sister, Tyler, the class bully, and an
equally fearless titan fearlessly. She hisses at Taylor, warning him that, "I will do things
to you that will make God cry!" (Kelly, Joe, and JM Ken Niimura, pp 19). Her parents
are absent, leaving Karen, their older sister, to care for Barbara and her brother. Karen is
struggling to k...


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