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  • Select a work environment you are familiar with as an example and identify performance problems from each of the 3 classifications: people, process, and product.

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Performance and Productivity in Public and Nonprofit Organizations

Chapter 2, “Major Performance Challenges” (pp. 23-42)

Chapter 3, “Achieving Success” (pp. 43-63)

Chapter 7, “Productivity Through People” (pp. 125-142)

Berman, E. M. (2006).

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Identifying Performance Problems
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Identifying Performance Problems
Today, there are different problems which may arise within the workplace
undermining the abilities of a company to achieve positive outcomes. For instance, some of
these problems may arise from the people, processes or products. In this context, the main
focus will be on the analysis of a typical workplace where the firm may need to create a
platform for managing the performance issues arising from the people, products and
This section looks at a typical manufacturing workplace. In such a workplace, there
are diverse types of processes carried out on a day to day basis. Additionally, in such a
workplace, there are different types of people handling various operations. From another
dimension, such a workplace contains various products developed on a day to day basis.
When considering people, poor attitudes may affect the abilities to create the ultimate
platform for improved performance of the employees. Also, dissatisfaction among the
employees reduces their abilities to perform the assigned tasks according to the set demands
and standards of the workplace. Therefore, the company, in this context, should consider
training people and employees regularly. Training offers additional knowledge and skills for
approaching the underlying tasks (Soni, 2018). On the same note, training allows employees
to engage with the management to promote improved collaboration.
When considering the aspects of the process, it is essential to understand the main
weaknesses which may undermine the abilities of a comp...

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