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POL 651 Case Analysis Assignment Instructions

The Case Analysis Assignment provides a realistic framework to apply the skills and practices referenced in Steven Liff’s 98 Opportunities to Improve Management in Government. This exercise allows students to analyze and resolve issues from three perspectives: the manager, the supervisor, and the leader. Students will be assigned to a group based on those three roles. Each student is responsible for reading the section of Liff which corresponds to their role

Case studies will be provided in weeks four, five, and six. The cases will each focus on one of the three roles. Each student is to review and analyze the case from the perspective of their assigned role, making recommendations to resolve the issue(s) presented. A two-page response should be posted by Wednesday. By Friday, each student will select one response from each of the other two teams and reply (1 page). Each case analysis is worth five points toward your final grade for a total of fifteen points. Three points will be awarded for the initial response and one point each for the two replies. The distribution of reading assignments is detailed below.

Liff Assigned Readings

Group 3: pgs. 186- 271 (For Leaders)

  • Analyze the performance problems confronting a supervisor in the assigned case and offer strategies drawing on the readings in Liff for your assigned role.
  • Indicate your assigned role in the subject line to facilitate review.
  • Be sure to support your statements with appropriate references to this Week's readings and other sources.

98 Opportunities to Improve Management in Government.

Part Three: For Leaders (pp. 120-167)

Each week, you should check the Faculty Corner to see which role you have been assigned and read the corresponding section in Liff (2014) listed below in order to get a head start on these Assignments.

Liff, S. (2014).

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Supervisor’s Dilemma When Marisol became supervisor of the division X of the county Department of Y she was eager to meet and become acquainted with her new employees. In the initial meeting, Marisol noted that the staff morale and interactions were positive; however, not everyone seemed happy. Marisol noticed that other employees seemed to avoid sitting next to Janice even though the chairs on each side of her were empty. Indeed, one employee brought an extra chair into the room squeezing it in to the table to avoid taking the empty chair next to Janice. Other employees chatted among themselves, but Janice sat silently sifting through papers. Gabriel, by contrast, seemed to be the center of attention with others taking their cues from him and waiting for him to start the discussion. Marisol figured he was the informal leader of the group. Following the meeting, Marisol skimmed through the performance assessments of her new staff. Janice’s performance ratings had been lower during the past year, dropping from “exceeds expectations” the previous year to quarterly assessments of “meets expectations” followed by “not meeting expectations” in the most recent evaluation. Lacking specifics about Janice’s lagging performance, Marisol noticed a scribbled note on a piece of paper attached to Janice’s latest evaluation that stated: “Janice contends that Gabriel is taking reports compiled by Janice and destroying them. She claims that Gabriel is doing everything he can to make her life miserable.” Once she had read these materials, Marisol made an effort to see how Janice and Gabriel got along, but she was unable to observe them interacting and noticed that Janice kept mostly to herself and didn’t socialize with others in the office. Drawing on your readings in Liff’s book (pp. 1-110), discuss how Marisol as supervisor should proceed with this situation? Adapted from McCorkle, S. & Witt, S. (2014). People Skills for Public Managers. Armonk, NY: M.E. Sharpe. ...
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Case Analysis Supervisory Dilemma (Leader’s Role) – Outline
Thesis Statement: The supervisor plays an integral role in ensuring that the morale of staff is
high and that the organization’s performance is good.

Performance Problems
Performance-driven Culture
Organizational Mindset



Case Analysis Supervisory Dilemma (Leader’s Role)





Case Analysis Supervisory Dilemma (Leader’s Role)

Performance Problems

The performance of staff in an organization directly depends on the morale that they
have. Employee's output is high when their morale is high, and when they do the work as a
group. The supervisor plays an integral role in ensuring that the morale of staff is high and that
the organization’s performance is good. Upon joining the division X of the county Department of
Y as a supervisor, Marisol was confronted by a dilemma. The staff morale of some people
seemed high while that of others was low. In line with this, the performance of staff members
whose morale was low had poor performance. The main perf...

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