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I’m working on a Psychology question and need guidance to help me study.

Hi, I sucks at Powerpoint presentations, I need your help in designing and creating one, I have to do a 10 Minute oral presentation, with a maximum of 14 slides(including references and title page ) . the pOwerpoint presentation part is worth 45% of my overall grade. I have attached the assignment info and criteria sheet, please read these carefully and follow the detailed instructions as i really need to pass this assessment.

I also have included a PDF of some articles on the topic which you may like to use it is a combined file if you wish the indervidual PDF's just let me know. once again Please read the criteria sheet and assessment information CAREFULLY.

thank you so much for your assistance.

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psychological approaches to
chronic pain management
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• Pain is defined by the international
association of pain as an unpleasant
emotional and sensory experience that
is associated with potential or actual
tissue damage.
• Pain is important because it is a sign
that something within the human body
is not functioning properly.
• In turn, one can take action to revert the
functioning of the area where they are
feeling pain.

Chronic pain
• Pain can be categorized either as
chronic or acute pain
• Chronic pain, is pain that lasts more
than 12 weeks.
• Chronic pain affects about 12 to 25
percent of the adult population in the
United States.
• Despite the fact that pain can be life
saving in terms of enabling one to take
prompt action, chronic pain is
problematic because it impairs the
quality of life of the sufferer.

• Living with chronic pain on a day-to-day
basis can be exhausting especially when one
has no pain relief options.
• Also, Persistent pain can as well be
challenging to health care professionals who

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