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You are required to write a short position paper to critically analyse and reflect on recent state-of-the-art attacks and hacking techniques,

followed by a discussion on possible countermeasures.

MY paper should consider the following guidance and contain the following subtitles:

-Title page and Abstract


-The nature of the brief/commission and the topic should be briefly outlined and defined alongside details of how the paper is organised.

-Scope: how did you select the attacks/techniques in this paper? E.g. most recent attacks, wireless attacks, VoIP attacks, DNS attacks etc

-Main body

-Critical discussion, reflection and analysis


-A brief summary of the key findings established from your research.


A full list of references used within the paper should be provided.The Harvard Style of referencing should be applied throughout the assignment.

Please adhere to the following requirements:

-The report should be written in a formal reporting style and without use of personal pronouns (for example, no use of ‘I, me, my, our, we, they, he, she’).

-Word count for Part B is 2000 words (+/- 10%) excluding references

-Only Microsoft Word or PDF file formats will be accepted.

-Layout should make reasonable use of margins, clear headings, single line spacing and font size should be 11pt (i.e. your report should be professionally presented).

-Include page numbers, the module code (Ethical hacking).

-All content including references and appendices (if used) should be contained in a single document.

-Referencing should be in the Harvard style.

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Cyber-attack In England National Health Services
Institutional Affiliation

The Discussion focuses on cyber-attack on England National Health Services, whereby
the ransomware attacks are precisely identified and discussed based on the impacts that they had.
In a better technique, it was necessary to focus on the implemented approaches and follow basic
strategies to ensure that adequate measures are observed for the reduction of challenges as
recommended. Strategically, the best approach was to ensure that quality strategies are
implemented for control of problems and reduction of adversity as required. Effectively, there
was a need to follow some of the applied approaches and ensure that necessary policies are
developed for the elimination of the attack. A critical discussion of the attacks, the consequences,
and challenges associated with the attack have been comprehensively explained. The
countermeasures applied to the 2018 attack is also discussed comprehensively in the paper to
ensure that precision is used as recommended.

Cyber-attacks are everyday criminal activities in the society due to advanced digital
technology and challenges associated with the same (Thomas et al., 2019, pp. 72-80). Most of
the criminal offenses occur as a result of inadequate security infrastructure leading to penetration
of the security systems and execution of the unethical acts. In a better way, it is recommended
that strategic interventions are followed for the reduction of challenges and promotion of quality
security (Drame 2019, pp. 1-20). A typical cyber-attack that occurred is the England national
Health Services-Ransomeware attack that occurred on 30th August 2018. Hacking is a common
criminal offense, and most of the perpetrators focus on gaining illegal access into the systems
and altering the series of events hence causing adversities contrary to the expectations (Thomas
et al., 2019, pp. 72-80). The England national health services are a focus of the cyber-attack
crimes, and the challenges it underwent are discussed precisely based on the adverse impact of
the cybercrime and the possible measures that could be taken to ensure that the crime is averted.
The Discussion critically analyzes the incidence of Wannacry insertion into the system of
England National Health Services. Additionally, there is a critical analysis of the progress of the
same and the necessary strategies recommended for the elimination of the attacks and promotion
of a strategic approach to reducing the challenges. In a significant way, the method is supposed
to be implemented, and problems mitigated to minimize the adversities as recommended.
The scope of the paper is an analysis of recent attacks dated 2018 to current (2020), and
the selection is based on nature and per the report, the focus is on Ransomeware and
the challenges associated with it in England National Health Services. Since Hacking is the main
technique that was used in the attack, it has been critically analyzed based on the nature of
occurrence and challenges associated with the same (Drame 2019, pp. 1-20). The analysis is

emphasized on the reduction of problems and promotion of a proper perspective required for the
elimination of adversities and modification of the unfortunate strategies for control of the
difficulties as well. Wireless technique as the mode of attack has been identified in the case, and
the paper focuses on the issues and challenges that are associated with the consequence.
Ransomeware-Analysis Of Wannacry Insertion Into England National Health Services
One of the most recent cyber-attacks that had a negative impact on the organization is
Ransomeware Wannacry insertion into the England National Health Services (Thomas et al.,
2019, pp. 72-80). On the date of 30th August 2018, a change in the information system was
observed, and a group of hackers intruded into the system and altered the sequence of events
hence making the issues appear bad. One of the essential methods in the England government is
the National Health Services, and it helps in integration and providing services as required
(Drame 2019, pp. 1-20). In a better and more strategic way, there is a need to focus on analytic
techniques to ensure that basic processes are followed for the elimination of the consequences of
the attacks.
The wireless attack was applied whereby the system was hacked by the malicious parties,
and Ransomeware inserted into the systems (Thomas et al., 2019, pp. 72-80). With the increased
challenge, the healthcare data was not secure, and the individuals found a way of altering the
system information. Based on the technique of Ransomeware attacks, it leads to the altered
functioning of the systems by alternating the usual system operation and configuration as well. In
a strategic manner, the malware changes the functioning of the information system and causes
issues that must be addressed precisely to reduce the adverse outcomes (Drame 2019, pp. 1-20).
Some of the problems and challenges that the England National Health Service faced was the
threat to publish the information and ensure that the adverse consequences were applied.

The hackers found a loophole into the system and inserted the Wannacry, which exposed
the system to risk. A lot of money was lost since the Ransomeware prompts the users to access
their information by paying money to the party executing the attack. The best intervention to take
in such a situation is the pay the money as ordered by the Ransomeware and ensure that the best
and practical approaches are implemented to control the challenge.
The attack exposed England’s health information at risk of publicity since, without the
fees, the Ransomeware was programmed to publish the confidential information to the public
(Ahmed et al., 2017, pp. 4). It was accessing vital information such as payment options was
difficult and not executable since the risk led to adversity and other challenges that were
inevitable. In a better way, it was necessary to follow the right approach and identify the attacker
(Drame 2019, pp. 1-20). The cyber-attack was historical since it threated and weakened the
health information system significantly. Some of the challenges associated with cyber-attacks are
as a result of the complexity of the systems and a chain of expenditure and wastage that it
exposed (Ahmed et al., 2017, pp. 4). Based on the implemented ideas, it is good to follow the
necessary policies and ensure that the challenges are effectively applied and reduced quality
services as recommended.
The trojan virus, as a result of the Wannacry insertion into the health information system,
corrupted the system and led to the observed changes contrary to the usual operational
techniques (Ahmed et al., 2017, pp. 4). The health information system and victim’s data were
lost, and some altered. It was the most challenging thing to ensure that the Ransomeware attack
was relieved and strategic interventions put in place to reduce the challenges (Thomas et al.,
2019, pp. 72-80). Based on the applied policies and strategies, it is good to follow the right
approach and ensure that essential services are used and effective measures implemented as

recommended. The 2018 attack adversely impacted the health information system, and the
professionals related to the system also lost trust. Intelligence systems did not react in time, and
the attackers gained money from the execution and earned money in a manner that was not
required and exposed the entire health information system into a significant risk (Ahmed et al.,
2017, pp. 4). Strategically, there was a need to ensure that challenges are identified and
implemented to control the adversities and reduce the severity of the attacks.
The British IT department taskforce drafted reasonable measures to counteract the
problem and ensure that the health sector was safe and secure (Drame 2019, pp. 1-20). In a
strategic manner, the health system was already interfered with, and the information belonging to
the individuals were already adversely impacted. A good strategy requires that challenges are
mitigated, and better protocols applied for the elimination of adversities and control of the
negative impacts and attacks as well (Ahmed et al., 2017, pp. 4). The IT taskforce firstly
analyzed the abnormalities in the system and applied better strategies to assist in the reduction of
challenges and promotion of good policy to eliminate attacks.
The tracing of the attackers and getting their IP address was done as a countermeasure to
ensure that the system recovered as recommended (Ahmed et al., 2017, pp. 4). The attack was
wireless, and the Ransomeware was inserted based on the wireless paths created after hacking.
The experts and analysts focused on the reduction of the challenge through comprehensive
analytical techniques to establish the origin of the crime and ensure that policies were
implemented (Thomas et al., 2019, pp. 72-80). A good strategy ensured that basic techniques
were applied to control the challenges and ensure that the adverse actions were actively
implemented. Based on the policies, it was good to ensure that the traditional approaches were

implemented and controlled to reduce the negative processes as recommended (Drame 2019, pp.
The threat was also counteracted by the installation of firewalls into the England National
Health Service system to assist in the reduction of porosity and ensuring that there was a
strategic intervention to eliminate the adversity as well (Ahmed et al., 2017, pp. 4).
Comprehensively, there was a need to focus on the policies and implementation of necessary
interventions to reduce the challenges and ensure that basic approaches are applied as required.
Some of the ideas and issues that were implemented included the reduction of attack rate by
focusing on the policies that assisted in the reduction of the possibility of similar attacks (Drame
2019, pp. 1-20). The online paths were difficult and avenues that resulted in the same.
Another counterattack was a reinforcement of password security measures to assist in the
promotion of a good strategy of security (Drame 2019, pp. 1-20). Elimination of the attacks
followed an excellent approach and ensured that necessary policies are implemented for control
of the challenge as recommended. Based on the implemented policies, it was good to develop a
strategic intervention and ensure that password security was more reliable (Ahmed et al., 2017,
pp. 4). Hackers have an easy time accessing the information systems, especially when applied
security is strong. In England, it was an approach to threat modeling whereby the security was
reinforced and better strategies applied to ensure that the necessary policies were made better and
efficacious strategies used for the reduction of challenges significantly (Thomas et al., 2019, pp.
The England National Health System also fastened the issues of surveillance and spyware
to assist in the reduction of challenges and identification of the weaknesses and control of the
inadequate approaches (Ahmed et al., 2017, pp. 4). Strategically, there was a need to keep an eye

on the situation always to protect the infrastructure as recommended. The system was, therefore,
scrutinized carefully and better measures implemented for the reduction of challenges to assist in
the decrease of problems as recommended.
Critical Discussion, reflection, and analysis
The 2018 attack of the England National Health System through Wannacry insertion onto
the system was a wrong approach (Ibarra et al., 2019, 1-12). The ransomware resulted in
negative consequences that exposed the system to a number of risks and challenges. Based on the
comprehensive measures, it was an excellent strategy to ensure that the adversities were realized
and controlled in a better manner as recommended. Strategically, there was a need to follow
some of the basic plans and reduce the chances of attacks (Thomas et al., 2019, pp. 72-80). The
challenge resulted in adverse outcomes since the victims were prompted to pay mo...

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