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FCI Storms Disaster Management Pre Incident Intra Plan & Post Incident Essay

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Use APA style and cite all sources. Write a 3000-word paper (plus or minus 10%) that briefly describes the incident

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The final paper will be your opportunity to present a plan and objectives for providing logistic support to a fictional disaster situation. Although every situation encountered has its own unique requirements in order to successfully support the operation, there are basic actions taken pre-, intra- and post that should be followed. Incorporate what you have learned in policy, practice and possibly personal experience and develop an operational (tactical) plan- focused on logistics support- to ensure that disaster operations go smoothly. The goal of your paper should not to create the “perfect solution”; more it should be an examination/analysis of the situation at hand, and your role as a disaster logistician to assist the Incident Commander in supporting emergency operations. The paper should utilize APA format. Choose one of the 3 scenarios listed below and write a 3000-word paper (plus or minus 10%) that briefly describes the incident. The chosen: Severe storms have ravaged your rural community of 10,000. Fortunately, there are few deaths but many are displaced. Being rural, access to the community is limited and made worse by the storms. Discuss your immediate actions post-incident, and present a plan for short term sustainment of operations and support to population. If a logistics pre-plan would be beneficial, include that in your discussion. ...
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In recent years storms have led to mass destruction of property and loss of lives. It has also
highly affected the economy of a country as people rely on food aids, shelter, and clothing. The
businesses and factories are destructed leading to high unemployment rates. The country’s
infrastructures such as roads, hospitals, and schools are also destructed and more funds are used in
reconstructing them. It is therefore important to have an incident plan that could help in mitigating
the risks caused by the storms. This will, therefore, minimize deaths and destruction of the
properties. The storms are characterized as strong winds, lightning, strong rains and snow.
Disaster planning will also enable the response team to be alert to offer the aid required. This paper
will focus on the logistics pre-incident plan, present and post-incident plan (Rheem et al., 2016).
The logistics pre-incident plan will start by informing the community about the dangers
that can be caused by the storms. The community will, therefore, be trained on what to do as they
prepare for the storms. This includes swimming for faster rescue. The community will be supplied
with floaters that will enable every person to be safe due to high levels of water. Supplying the
floaters will help in mitigating the death risks for the members of the community. Swimming
costumes will also be supplied to the members of the community. The community will also be
informed about the importance of having insurance coverage for their properties and medical
services. This will control the risk of having a total loss for the properties. It will also control the
difficulty of medical bills for those who are highly affected.
The logistics team will also supply the community with materials for constructing
temporary shelters for the community during the disaster of the storms. The materials will enable
the community to settle on the identified temporary settlement areas on the highlands where the
storm will not cause some damages. It will, therefore, be easier for the logistics team to supply
food and clothing to the victims without any hindrances in the transport system. In highlands, it



will be easier to transport medical facilities to the victims. In case of any medical emergency that
would require quick attention such as surgery, it will be easy for the medical team to take them to
hospitals for specialized treatment (Browning, 2017).
The rescue team will also identify the evacuation routes. This will enable the team to have
the identified places where people can congregate as they wait for the rescue team. This will make
it easier for faster reusing. There will also be the construction of barriers that could control the
damage of buildings. Barriers may not permanently control the floods but it will lower the strength
of the water that could have a strong effect on a building. The barriers will also give people enough
time to vacate from their buildings before they are demolished by the floods. This will be a
preventive measure to control the number of death cases that will be reported. People will also
have time to put off their main switches as they prevent more damages and also take their important
documents which might be damaged by the water. This includes national IDs, passports and
business licenses.
The disaster supply kits will be supplied to the community that will help them in case of
an emergency. This includes first aid kits that would help them before the arrival of the clinical;
officers. This will help in preventing the health problems for the victims. The community will also
be trained on how to keep the chemicals and toxic materials in the safest sections to prevent more
damages. Farmers will also be informed on grazing their livestock on open filed areas where they
can be easily rescued. The emergency vehicles will be prepared for the rescue mission to deliver
the services on ti...

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