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I don’t know how to handle this Computer Science question and need guidance.

This is going to be a 2 part paper in which I will need the SAME tutor for. This 1st part, which will be this post, is the Term Paper Outline. The 2nd part will be the Term Paper Final. Detailed instructions for the final paper have not been posted yet and won't be until around April 1st or so. Once detailed instructions are post it and will invite only the tutor who has done the Term Paper Outline.

**Selected Topic: Compurter Privacy and Security

Sample with MLA Guidelines: MLA_Sample_outline.pdf

Create an Outline of your paper on your selected topic in MLA format using Microsoft Word and submit. Requirements for outline:

  • Cover Page (see the Sample file)
  • Thesis, which is a one paragraph abstract on the topic
  • Heading (using Roman Letters I, II, ...) and Sub-headings ( using Alphabets A, B, ....) for your topic using the format shown in the sample.
  • Initial reference materials you plan to use for the paper as Work Cited in MLA Format as given in the example. You can add more references in the Final Paper.
  • Outline pages are numbered with small roman numerals on top right corner along with your Last Name.

Grading; This outline carries 50 points and will be graded based on the quality and relevance of the Content in the Thesis, Headings and Sub-headings in relation to the selected topic and adherence to MLA format guidelines.

Student has agreed that all tutoring, explanations, and answers provided by the tutor will be used to help in the learning process and in accordance with Studypool's honor code & terms of service.

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hello, here is the complete assignment. In case you need help with the edits and
future assignments, I will be available to help. Otherwise, goodbye for
now. Stay safe

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Computer Privacy and Security Outline
A. Introduction
Computer technology plays a vital role in human life in the 21st Century. Computer
technology has revolutionized socialization, health, shopping, education, business, and travel.
The rapid growth of computer technology has increased efficiency and productivity hence
supporting globalization, improving the welfare of people, and promoting economic growth of
nations. However, the rapid growth of computer technology has exposed users to various privacy
and security issues, including hacking, cyberbullying, fraud, phishing attacks, spams, viruses,
and malware attacks. Computer privacy and security frameworks are essential for guaranteeing
protection of users from data theft, privacy violation, unauthorized access, and data loss.
B. CIA Triad

Computer privacy and security frameworks are guid...

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Solid work, thanks.

The tutor was great. I’m satisfied with the service.

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