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  1. Go to and review the site. Pay close attention to ADAP, Administration, Clinical Resources, Patient Care, PrEP and PEP, Prevention and Surveillance.
  2. Research what resources are available in your community for HIV prevention and education, HIV treatment including mental health, Case Management, Sex education, Pre exposure prophylaxis and post exposure prophylaxis. Pre-natal care for HIV positive pregnant women.
  3. Choose one of the following cases to discuss, below you will find the suggested discussion points.
  4. Case 1:

    John is 15 years old and gang affiliated. He has been in and out of the same juvenile facility several times in the past two years for drug-related offenses, and an assault. His current sentence from juvenile court is one year. Shortly after the start of his sentence, Raoul asks if he can speak with someone about HIV/AIDS. He says on the street he used marijuana and alcohol, but no other drugs. He says he is worried about HIV transmission from tattooing: “I heard that you can get AIDS and other diseases from tattoos, especially tattoos in prison. So I want to know if that’s true or not. I got my first tattoo the last time I was here [in the juvenile detention facility] from a friend of mine who is an artist.” When asked about his family and home life, Raoul says his girlfriend recently told him that she is pregnant.

    Suggested discussion points:

    – HIV/AIDS education in your community, including safer sex, tattooing, and other transmission risks.

    – HIV/AIDS pre-test and post-test counseling resources, pre exposure prophylaxis and post exposure prophylaxis in the community.

    – Hepatitis education, Hepatitis A and B vaccination in your community.

    – Peer-based programs in the community.

    – Family planning education and community-based resources, including prenatal care.

    Case 2:

    Claire is 46 years old healthy single female. She is coming for her yearly physical exam. She says she has four of five sexual partners per year and not always uses protection during sex. She states that she does not use drugs, but the intake medical assistant notices that her lips are cracked and burned, and suspects that Claire may recently have been smoking crack cocaine. Claire says that her boyfriend told her not to get tested for HIV.

    Suggested discussion points:

    – Detoxification, medical monitoring in the community

    – HIV/AIDS education, risk assessment, pre exposure prophylaxis and post exposure prophylaxis in the community.

    – Peer-based programs in the community.

    – HIV/AIDS counseling and testing resources, including community-based anonymous or confidential services.

    – Substance abuse treatment resources.

    – Family/relationship counseling resources.

    – Hepatitis education: Hepatitis A and B vaccination

    The presentation must be in APA format with a minimum of 1000 words (excluding first and references page) with a minimum of 4 evidence-based references using the required Arial 12 font. Follow the APA example paper under announcements. Make sure references are used according to APA guidelines and electronic references must be from reliable sources such as CDC.

    No plagiarism, all work must be originally made. only discuss one case

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Running Head: HIV/AIDS


Infectious Disease Assignment
Institutional Affiliation



HIV/AIDS education
School-based HIV/AIDS, in my community, the most typical and well-proven
strategy of intervention for offering information regarding HIV/AIDS among young
adults. Though, inadequate skills among the teachers for conferring delicate information
to learners could prompt failure with regards to accomplishing goals (Sarma & Oliveras,
2015). Generally, these school-based HIV/ADIS includes education on tattooing, safer
sex, along with different transmission risks.
According to Fleming (2015), AIDs and sex education habitually encourage the
youths to forego sexual practices and to exercise safer sex whey they're active sexually.
The youths are taught on programs that promote sexual intercourse postponement and
use of condoms. These programs, in general, are known to be effective and promote
abstinence exclusively. Such programs comprise of:
Abstinence-Only-Until-Marriage, at times known as the Sexual-Risk-Avoidance
program, which teaches on abstinence a morally ideal option for teenager's sexual
depression. They often censor data regarding condoms and contraception for the
prevention of unintended pregnancy or STDs (Sexually Transmitted Diseases) (Sarma
& Oliveras, 2015). For example, in John’s case, we see that he may be infected with
HIV/AIDs through the tattooing process. Therefore, there is a greater chance that his
girlfriend, Raoul, is pregnant. This implies that she could also be infected with HIV/AIDS
through unprotected sex. Therefore, if John had received proper education regarding
HIV/AIDS, most especially safer sex, then there would be lower chances that his
girlfriend would be pregnant or an HIV/AIDS patient.



Comprehensive sex education is another program that teaches regarding
abstinence as a proper technique of preventing unintended pregnancies and STDs but
additionally teaches about contraception and condoms to lessen risks of unintended
pregnancies and STDs infections (HIV included) (Sarma & Oliveras, 2015). It
additionally teaches communication and interpersonal skills and assists young
individuals with the exploration of their values, options, and goals.
According to Wittkopf et al. (2017), tattoos are typical things in the present-day
society and appear to be expanding in notoriety with younger eras. Previously, they
appeared reserved for drug addicts,...

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