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Purpose of this assignment : To assess your understanding regarding the use of tools as well as digital marketing techniques for an organization of your choice

. Action Items a) Web Application for Supply Chain Traceability

b) Implementation of CRM and SRM

c) Management and Implementation of Cloud Computing in Supply Chain Management

d) Mention Use of RFID Technologies for e-Enabling Logistics Supply Chains.

e) Discuss ERP Implementation Service in Supply Chain

Note: 1. Project will be based on the implementation of the e-supply chain and logistics in real world.

2. Project will require summarizing, demonstrating, and the use and potential values of SCM and LOGISTICS for an organization.

3. The word count for this assignment must be between 1200 – 1500 words.

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“Digital Marketing Techniques for XYZ Limited”
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Digital Marketing Techniques for XYZ Limited
XYZ Limited is an international organization that has majored in business related to
automated logistics through the provision of an integrated and end-to-end culmination of supply
chain management services and products. These services include; e-logistic processes improvised
with use of web-based platform services, customer or supplier relationship management, cloud
computing in supplies management, radio-frequency identification (RFID) technologies for supply
chain logistics and, implementation of enterprise resource planning(ERP) that revolve around
storage, distribution, and transportation that are efficient, affordable and authentic.
The functionality of a web trace system will depend on its ability to uniquely identify
individual units that are produced and their distribution process which makes the tracking
applicable from the productivity section to the preferred retail section. A reliable web trace
application system should have defined steps and regulations that identify the data gathering
methods and storage in the supply chain which are followed and instilled with optimum discipline.
This can be achievable through moderation and standardization of information gathered. A web
traceability platform should be able to support all variety of goods by using different
administration, monitoring and tracking methods. This is achievable by the installation of a multipurpose centralized database system that can store information regarding all the products and
services. The web-based application system must be user friendly containing the provision o...

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