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- Financial Plan [due Mon]

Wk 5 - Financial Plan [due Mon]

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  1. Student Resources:
    Purpose of Assignment
    In this assignment, you will be evaluating a cash budgeting scenario and developing a financial plan for a fictional business.
    Assignment Steps
    Review the Cash Budgeting Scenario.
    Calculate the cash budget using the Cash Budget Worksheet, and use the Cash Budget Worksheet Answers to review your work -- this is to assist you in writing your paper. The cash budget does not need to be submitted.
    Write a 700- to 1,050-word financial plan in which you complete the following:
    • Discuss potential cash budget benefits and pitfalls for the business, including how the budget supports the strategic goal of the business to increase revenue by 10% annually.
    • Outline your expected business expenses (e.g. fixed and variable costs, marketing, labor, operations, insurance) and sources of revenue (e.g. funding, sales of products/services).
    • Include an income statement, balance sheet, and cash flow statement.
    • Explain how you will adjust your small business cash budget to manage contingencies (such as emergencies and market shifts) as well as product and distribution shifts.
    • Compare the differences between a cash budget and an operating budget, and explain why both are beneficial.
    • Explain why a budget variance analysis is crucial for the operation of a business, and discuss how often a budget variance analysis should be performed.
    • Summarize your findings/recommendations.
    • Have the above requirements as separate, labeled sub-sections in your paper.

    Cite a minimum of three references with in-text citations. Note the following regarding written paper assignments:It should not have to be re-stated, but remember ALL written paper assignments are required to have a reference page AND citations in the body of the text representing all references. A paper with no references OR no citations is considered a form of plagiarism and will result in zero points. Also remember, in text citations are not just for quoted material.
    Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines
    Submit the assignment via an MS Word Document.
    General Resources:

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Cash Budgeting

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Cash Budgeting
A financial plan is the element of a business plan that describes the required resources,
tools and materials and the activities that a business will engage in to meet its set objectives as
illustrated in the business plan. A financial plan involves a statement of the cash flow, profit and
loss, balance sheet, sales projections, personnel plan, and a break-even analysis of the business.
A financial plan also involves cash budgeting which helps businesses in managing their cash
flow. Cash budgets show the planned monthly receipts and payments done in a business. This
paper focuses on cash budgeting for Builders R Us Manufacturing Company and its application
in coming up with the financial plan for the firm’s business plan. The paper further explains how
the firm’s cash budget changes when the firm thinks of increasing its annual revenue by 10%.

Discuss potential cash budget benefits and pitfalls for the business, including how the budget
supports the strategic goal of the business to increase revenue by 10% annually.
A cash budget is very important for the Builders R Us Manufacturing Company. A cash

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