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Enterprise System Recommendation (100 Points)

SugarSquared, Inc. manufactures candy in Riyadh and distributes its products throughout the KSA. The organization has over 300 employees in three locations. Its functional business units currently work in silos, with data pertaining to their various departments held in separate, legacy systems. The company’s revenues are growing, and it has an online retail site.

You have been tasked with recommending an enterprise system to senior management. Address the following:

  • Which type of enterprise system would you recommend? Why?
  • What are the benefits of implementing such a system?
  • What challenges do you foresee in implementing this system? How would you address these?
  • What are some of the vendors that offer such systems? Is there one that’s preferable given the organization’s needs? Why? What business factors should be addressed in order to make this determination? Explain.

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Topic: Enterprise System Recommendation
Thesis Statement: this paper recommends an enterprise system to the senior management of
SugarSquared, Inc
1. Introduction
2. Type of enterprise system to recommend and Why
3. Benefits of implementing such a system
4. Predictable Challenges in implementing this System and how to address them
5. Some of the vendors that offer such systems, Most Preferred system to the
organization’s needs, and Business factors to be addressed in order to make this
6. Conclusion
7. References


Enterprise System Recommendation




Enterprise System Recommendation
Enterprise systems, also termed as enterprise resource planning systems, pertain to
multipurpose data schemes that offer synchronization in an organization (Kukreja, 2019).
Additionally, they also assist in the incorporation of vital corporate practices, along with the
development of the assets of a business. In turn, this enables firms to incorporate commercial
systems, for instance transactions, distributions and unsettled financial records, by means of
sharing files through commercial utilities and worker chains of command. Further, enterprise
systems could also substitute numerous autonomous structures that may possibly interrelate with
other schemes, as well as sort out information to uphold specific corporate tasks or practices
(Nordmeyer, 2019). As such, this paper recommends an enterprise system to the senior
management of SugarSquared, Inc.
Type of enterprise system to recommend and Why
From a personal perspective, I would recommend the enterprise resource planning (ERP)
system for this company. As Nordmeyer (2019) postulates, ERP incorporates operating system
apps, like procurement, investment, HR and stock supervision, where the assimilated
components, for instance value administration, interact and share information. In this context, an
ERP system would be extremely suitable since it would assist SugarSquared to improve the
incorporation and harmonization of its product...

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