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DISCUSSION 1 - no special formatting is needed.. it is just a discussion post but, references must be in APA format.

Hometown IMR Rates - Then and Now

For this Discussion forum, you will take on one aspect of the role of an Epidemiologist. You will need to search out some data in the form of the Infant Mortality Rate (IMR) for the year that you were born, in the location of your birth (hometown), and the most current IMR for that location.

Post this on the discussion board and write 1-2 paragraphs (250 - 300 words) about your findings – include the years, whether or not there have been changes, and what factors you think account for the rates (e.g., if it was high/low at the time of your birth, what factors might account for this; what factors might account for changes over the years since your birth?).

To find the data, first review the sources you have already added to your Professional Resources Journal; then, you may want to do a Google search for, as an example, 1980 Infant Mortality Rate YourHomeTown (i.e., Tallahassee, Florida).

You might have to do some searching - looking for state statistics, health department sites/data, population statistics, census reports, etc.

Do not get discouraged with your search! It often requires extra effort and creative keywords! Use your best investigative skills. Epidemiologists often have to track down information and unearth important facts and pieces to health puzzles.

Include in your post how/where you found your information.

**Remember that quoted material is not allowed in the HSA Program. However, you must cite and reference all paraphrased material.

Discussion 2 -

Risks and Leading Causes of Death in the U.S.?

Although the Leading Causes of Death in the U. S. are markedly different now in comparison to 1900 or 1950, the list has changed little over the past 4 or 5 years, other than a slight reordering of causes along the way as national statistics change per year. If you do an Internet search of the 10 Leading Causes of Death in the U.S., you will see these slight changes in comparison to the text (remember that publishing is not instantaneous and data can change rapidly). Still, it is noteworthy that many of causes are strongly influenced by individuals’ behavior and are often referred to as “diseases of lifestyle”.

For this discussion, review the most recent Top 10 Causes of Death (i.e., Internet search) that you can find and choose the one cause that you think you might pose the greatest risk to your own longevity. For your post:

  • Identify the cause of death
  • Is it a disease of lifestyle – why/how – that is likely preventable?
  • What particular risk factors do you think put you at risk for this cause?
  • What preventive measures might reduce the risks for this cause? (Note: you do NOT have to indicate if you will take them or not, but you may)

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Discussion of Epidemiology
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Discusion ONE
The top ten causes of deaths in the U.S are heart infection, cancer, Accidental harms, chronic lesser
respiratory infection, cerebrovascular and stroke infections, Alzheimer’s infection, Diabetes,
pneumonia and Influenza, kidney infection, and lastly suicides (Benjamin et al. 2018). Amongst
the top ten causes of deaths in the U.S, I choose Influenza and pneumonia as the one cause of death
that I think may pose the highest risk to my longevity. Flu or Influenza is an extremely
transmittable viral septicity. It is among the utmost complicated infections in the wintertime
period. On the other hand, Pneumonia infection is a problematic situation that originates in lung
swelling, which can source problems in individuals who possess Influenza.
It sources the bags of air in those lungs to block with liquids and pus precluding oxygenated air
from getting to the flow of blood. How...

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