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Single mother (35) with 2 small kids (6) and (9) Single woman (46) Single mother (49) with 2 older kids (13) and (16) Single mother (27) with 2 small kids (3) and (5) Single woman (29) How did you become homeless? I lost my job. I was divorced after 10 years of marriage and he was our provider. I lost my job. I was divorced and sent away with my kids. Lost my job How do you survive each day? I depend on homeless shelters I depend on homeless shelters for food. I work menial jobs. I depend on homeless shelters I do some menial jobs Do you have any family that is willing to assist you and get you off the streets? No, I don’t have any family No, my only family member died after five years in marriage . Yes, I have but they are not well off though they are trying their best. Yes, my brother is working hard to accommo date us in, but he is not financiall No, I do have any family member alive Chil d (17) runa way pros titut e I lost all my pare nts and ran away from my foste r pare nts. I offer sex for mon ey in retur n No, they are all dead, thou gh I am not Child (16) parents are on drugs in the streets somew here My parents became addicts and were unable to provide a home. Child (14) -lesbian kicked out of house Single mother (56) experiencin g domestic violence with 2 small kids (10) and (5) Single woman on crack (42) I got kicked out of the house due to my lesbianism, none of my parents wanted anything to do with a lesbian. I lost my job and the insurance cover is not enough to get a home. I committed a crime, was arrested, and when I got out, no one was willing to take me in. I am a beggar. I depend on homeless shelters for food. I work menial jobs I work odd jobs No, the parents I depend on are drug addicts. No, they are not willing to help if I am a lesbian. Yes Yes SURVEY y capable now. Are you receiving any help from an organizatio n? What do you hope for in the future? Yes No Yes Yes Not that I know of. To get back on my feet. I hope someone will help me get out of the streets. Provide for my kids and get them out of the streets. Get off my feet. Get a better job that will be enough to secure a home. sure whet her the foste r pare nts are willi ng to take me back No Live a norm al life like any other kid. 2 Yes Yes Yes, just not enough to support the three of us. Not that I know of. To help my parents become sober and live a normal life like any other day before they became addicts. To be accepted the way I am without any rejections. My kids to get a better life. To get a job. ...
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The Impact of the Nonprofits on the Homeless Community
homeless communities are always exposed to some threads like uncertainties, struggle, along with stigmatization. While
anyone can become homeless, children and women are more vulnerable to this problem, though the homeless women are usually
susceptible to some unique experiences. This can particularly be ascertained by reflecting on the experiences of women such us having
a period while it is difficult for them access supplies. All the same, it should be noted that women along with families account for the
fastest growing homeless population across the world. Homeless populations are usually are usually predisposed to various health
concerns like untreated medical conditions, starvation, inadequate nutrition, along with freezing to death alongside other health
complications. Despite the gravity of the problem the homeless populations are experiencing, the nonprofits have been on the fore to
address the concern. That said, this paper intends to presents how the nonprofits affects the homeless community.
Survey Analysis
Various factors suggest why one becomes homeless. Reflecting on the survey, there are varying reasons that suggest why one
become homeless. In the survey, the first participant who was a 35-year-old single mother with two kids with two small kids became
homeless after losing her job. The second participants who was a 46-year-old single mother became homeless when he received a
divorce from her husbands after a 10-year marriage, yet her husband was the sole provider in the family. The third participant who
was a 49-year-old single mother with two small children became homeless after losing her jobs. Other participants in the survey
became homeless for some other reasons other such as losing parents or their parents become addicts. Besides, other may develop
fears on whether to accept you after being taken to prison after committing some crimes. So, reflecting on the survey, it would be
necessary to suggest that vast reasons suggest why people become homeless and why it is prevalent among the single mothers.
While reading through the survey further, it became clear that the homeless populations have contrasting means of survival on
their daily lives. For instance, the first participant from the survey commented that she relied on the homeless shelters for survivals
while the second participant commented that she depended on the homeless shelter for food. Reflecting on the survey, one realizes that
from the 10 participants, four of them rely on the homeless shelters for survival which implies that


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