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Explore the Benefits of a Learning Organization

Review the Blanc (2019) article in your required readings. For this assignment, discuss the importance of becoming a learning organization specifically as it relates to sustainability. Using your current organization (or one you have experience with) evaluate their efforts, or what their efforts should be to become a learning organization, in maintaining a learning organization and discuss areas where there are opportunities for improvement. Be sure that you accurately answer the following questions in your analysis:

  • In what ways is a learning environment supported?
  • How are the learning processes and practices implemented?
  • How do these activities align with the sustainability of the organization?
  • How does Leadership that reinforces learning?

Reading information:

Blanc, S. (2019). How to evolve your company into a self-learning organization. Forbes.

  • Be 4-5 pages in length, which does not include the title page, abstract, or required reference page, which are never a part of the content minimum requirements.
    • writing standards and APA style guidelines.
    • Be sure to support your statements with logic and argument, citing all sources referenced
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Importance of Becoming a Learning Organization Specifically As It Relates To Sustainability
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Importance of Becoming A Learning Organization in Relation to Sustainability
Importance of Becoming a Learning Organization Specifically As It Relates To
The present-day business environment demands that organizations adopt continuous
improvement programs that better themselves and enhance gain and competitive edge. A selflearning organization bolsters future insurance of the business, in a manner that fosters a proactive
approach in terms of solving problems (Blanc, 2020). Continuous improvements require a
thorough commitment to learning, where business leaders, together with their teams, adopt a new
light of seeing the world and certainly acting accordingly. Such measures are the only possible
ways to foster the introduction of new products to the market, reengineering processes, and solving
problems. Therefore, continuous learning and improvement mean, solving issues concerning the
organization chart, structure, and insistence on the culture of key performance indicators (KPIs),
which alter the problem-solving approach to inhibit a pointing figure culture, whenever problems
arise (Building a Learning Organization, 2020). However, the focus of this paper is to explore
Apple's continuous learning strategy in a bid to maintain a learning organization, areas that present
opportunities for improvement. As such, the highlights will identify how a learning environment
is supported, how a learning process and practice are implemented, how the activities result in
alignment with sustainability, and finally, how leadership reinforces learning.
How Apple's Company Continuously Learning Strategy Maintains a Learning
Learning is an essential aspect that drives both individuals and organizations to grow. The
present dynamic and challenging competitive environment demands the adoption of a learning
strategy as a never-ending process. As such, the fundamental drive of organizations should be to
ensure that they f...

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