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Case Scenario: At approximately 18:30 hrs. a young woman, Lavinia Codona, was admitted to the hospital with complaints of severe abdominal pain. Lavinia appeared agitated, confused and in great pain. Further investigation revealed that Lavinia was in a full-term pregnancy and about to give birth. Her age raised some concerns. Lavinia was 12 years old. Lavinia’s parents accompanied her to the hospital. Her mother Sabina and stepfather Motshan Vano. The doctor examining Lavinia noticed that her parents were very protective and did not allow Lavinia to answer questions on her own. The parents and Lavinia were questioned about the father of the baby, but all parties were unable to supply any information. Answers were also unclear as their grasp of English was limited. Questioning revealed that the Vanos were new immigrants from Eastern Europe who had just settled in Toronto within the last six months. Lavinia’s parents insisted on staying with her during questioning and her father grew increasingly aggressive in his tone towards Lavinia, often speaking in their native language. As her parents began to shout and her corresponding disposition grew more upset, the parents were asked to leave in order to deescalate the situation. In their absence, Lavinia said that she did not know she was pregnant until the onset of her present pain, but later after being reassured of her safety, revealed that the father of the baby was her stepfather. Discussion Questions: Please answer two of the following: 1. Think of ways in which this circumstance could have been avoided. Is the early education of children in regards to their bodies and their rights a possible deterrent to this form of abuse? 2. Sexual abuse is any interaction between a child and an adult or older child in which the child is used for the sexual stimulation of the perpetrator or an observer. Determine how Lavinia’s case is potentially abusive in nature. ...
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Sexual Abuse in Children
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Question 1

Ways in Which the Circumstances Could Have Been Avoided
Pregnancy amongst children falls under the categories of occurrences that can be

prevented (Rudolph et al., 2018). All society needs to do is to put in place specific measures
that will detect instances of child sexual abuse and exploitation. One way of doing this is by
having a functional children services department (Rudolph et al., 2018). Such a department
will monitor the activities of children and even make it their goal to consult with members of
the public to determine homes where children go through sexual abuse. In this case, the
department officers would have been tipped off concerning what was happening to Lavinia.
The personnel from this department would then have to visit her home to check her and
investigate what had happened before the situation becam...

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