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Suicide-Related Behaviors Among High School Students in the United States

(several questions from the YRBSS can be used, including questions on feeling sad/hopeless, students who seriously considered suicide, students who made a plan to attempt suicide, students who actually attempted suicide and students who reporting injury as a result of suicide attempts)

information must come from scholarly resources

Assignment:Create an InfoGraphic for your assigned Public Health Problem using the categories below and write a one page apa paper explaining the data on the infographic :

  • Burden of Disease: Describe the magnitude of the problem (disease and deaths) in the United States.
  • Temporal Trends: Identify any trends in disease occurrence over time (is the disease increasing, decreasing, stable, variable, etc.)
  • Geography: Identify and note any geographic variations in disease occurrence.
  • Disparities: Identify and note any disparities with regards to age, race and gender.

Be creative with how you create your infographic being careful not to overwhelm the reader/viewer. All relevant data sources and references MUST be provided.

Plagiarism will result in an automatic Fail.

Some great tips for designing infographics:

  • Keep it simple! Don’t try to do too much in one picture.
  • Decide on a color scheme.
  • Research some great facts and statistics.
  • Think of it as a visual essay: ensure your arguments hold and are relevant.
  • Remember that it’s all about quickly conveying the meaning behind complex data.
  • Draw conclusions based on review of scholarly articles and documents.
  • Provide sources for any and all data and research that you use in your infographic

Suggested Infographic Websites include:

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