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Each student will choose a particular theme pertaining to colonial America (1607-1776) that they would like to learn about for this week. For example, the Salem witch trails, The slave trade, or European exploration. Students will find 6 primary sources from the chosen theme. .

Students will provide:

  • a complete APA reference for each source
  • a picture of each source
  • a 2-3 sentence description of their source
  • a paragraph explaining at least 3 different ways historians could use that primary source

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Final Answer

Hello,Here is the document with the 6 primary sources, their citation, description, and historical significance.Let me know if you need anything else!

Slave Trade
Account for the Sloop Four Brother (March 1764)

Citation: (1764, March). Account for the Sloop Four Brothers [Manuscript]. BFBR 536-7-ca.64.
Retrieved from
Description: This is an updated version of the original account documenting a small sailboat
called Four Brothers. This manuscript, created in March of 1764, documented the prices of all of
the sales made during the voyage from Providence, Rhode Island to Virginia. Included in the
account are: 6 barrels of oil, 3 dozen axes, and one slave named Corodon, amongst other things.
Historical Significance: This source could be useful for historians in many ways. Not only does it
give insight about the different things that were sold and traded during the time, it also gives a
price range for these goods. This can help historians gage the economy and status of the people
trading. The document can also be used as documentation for the slave that was traded.
Although there is only one name, it can be used to identify and possible trace back his origins.
Lastly, this account is useful to track slave movem...

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