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Develop a PowerPoint presentation of 8–11 slides for a proposal, including 200–250 words of speaker notes per slide, covering the following:

  • The proposal should begin with a brief explanation of each separate technique (1–2 slides).
  • Present your evaluation of 3–4 of the technique’s strategic contributions to the e-business's market leadership for MedEd/CHC (3–4 slides). The specific techniques that you should evaluate in your plan include the following:
    • Personalized customer interaction
    • Customer relationship management (CRM)
    • Customer experience management (CEM)
    • Interactive relationship marketing
    • Mass customization
    • Customerization
  • Conclude with a proposed plan integrating at least 3–4 of the strategic techniques to achieve the e-business’s CRM and relationship marketing objectives for MedEd/CHC (4–5 slides).

Use the presentation's Notes section to describe concept applications in detail.


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Medical Education Academy (Med Ed) is a prominent, privately owned health care education institution that provides degree programs in nursing, medical technology, and health care administration in the United States. The company has built a positive reputation in the traditional on-campus education market for quality skills at an affordable price. Because of this institutional strategy, Med Ed has adopted the motto, "Quality skills with minimum bills." Now, however, to keep Med Ed’s motto and institutional operating model intact, President Will Learner, M.D., is planning to strengthen his academy’s health care education leadership while also reducing rising administrative expenses by acquiring an online health care education provider named Cyber-Health College (CHC). Cyber-Health College is a fully certified online health care education provider with a strong reputation among prospective students for relatively inexpensive, timely, and skill-intensive program completion. President Learner believes that Cyber-Health’s online programs will fit well with Med Ed’s institutional strategy because both educational providers emphasize quality skills and affordable prices. You have been named to Med Ed’s newly formed digital learning initiative team (D-LIT). President Learner is relying on your e-business expertise to analyze Cyber-Health’s e-business and e-marketing fundamentals as well as to propose digital marketing strategy guidelines that will optimize Cyber-Health’s contribution to Med Ed’s strong reputation in the traditional health care education market. Cyber-Health College was a pioneer in the online health care education market in the 1990s. Its founder and CEO, Lucy Vision, Ph.D., avoided the pitfalls of other dot-coms by building credibility with educational accreditation boards and developing intelligent agent software applications as a method of guiding student instruction without human faculty. Cyber-Health patented its med-teach agent technology using female voices and an embedded nurturing interface to gain student trust and build strong learning bonds. The educational press regularly commended Cyber-Health for designing a high-tech/high-touch instructional interface. Because of the strong, skillintensive course learning and user-friendly, agent-driven interactive online instruction, Cyber-Health effectively positioned its medical education programs as "health care learning for the digital future." However, this praise and online health care education success also drew its fair share of detractors. Faculty unions at medical programs and even other non-agent-driven online health care education programs criticized Cyber-Health for dehumanizing health care knowledge and medical education delivery. The focus of your contribution to the newly formed D-LIT will be to highlight the potential of Cyber-Health’s ebusiness approach to complement Med Ed’s traditional health care education marketing strategy. Med Ed’s traditional marketing strategy relies on physical brick-and-mortar facilities, hard copy books and course resources, and human faculty instructors. In this traditional on-campus model, students attend physical classroom facilities for health care education, and traditional advertising media or promotional events are used to raise enrollment. By contrast, Cyber-Health’s online e-business education approach uses digital networks as the primary vehicle for delivering health care learning to students. By accessing the Cyber-Health Web site and med-teach agent, students directly engage in autonomous, self-guided medical education coursework without going to a physical classroom facility and without human instructors. The med-teach agents employ artificial intelligence to progressively learn each student’s health care instructional needs and improve the student’s performance through skill-intensive virtual course project scenarios covering every aspect of traditional medical education. President Learner is keenly interested in your assessment of this futuristic online e-business model for delivering health care educational programs. HAWAII EDWARDS MARKETING IN THE DIGITAL AGE SCHOOL CONTACT INFO MEDICAL STATE UNIVERSITY 3525 Needle DR, Chicago iL 888-849-4948 Better Education since 2020 WHEN SEARCHING MEDICAL STATE UNIVERSITY IN A SEARCH ENGINE? YOU WILL SEE• Admissions/How to apply The admissions page shows information about admissions, Details on how to apply and requirements • Degree Programs/ Academics This tab provides information about the degree and academics • Nurse Link Student email system, this is also where you will navigate your assignments TABS ON OUR WEBSITE • ADMISSIONS • ACADEMICS -LIBRARY, CATALOGS, REGISTER, SERVICES AND SUPPORT, • FINANCIAL AID • STUDENT LIFE • NEWS AND EVENTS -NEWS LETTERS, ANNOUNCEMENTS, CALENDAR EVENTS • ABOUT US -MISSION, CAMPUS AND VIRTUAL TOUR, OUR HISTORY, • TEC SERVICES WHAT WE OFFER WHERE? Campus and Online PROGRAMS • Undergraduate • Graduate • Doctoral • Post baccalaureate certificates • Post masters certificates UNIVERSITY BRAND IMAGES Throughout our web page you will often see the two above logos. The first one that you see in blue represents family and community, therefore we included pictures of an adult and children. Our logo contains blue because just like many health care logo blue is more than a color it means -power -Credibility -Knowledge -professionalism These are all things we would like our school to be know as, the second logo that you will often see on our web page is the one located in red it show a piece of doctors equipment and a house I think this logo best represents our mission with being able to supply you education right at the source of your house. MISSION STATEMENT PERSONAL QUALITY EDUCATION, AT THE TOUCH OF A FINGER TIP . TO MOTIVATE ALL USERS AND MAXIMUM THERE POTENTIAL VISION A WONDERFUL EDUCATION SYSTEM WHERE ALL STUDENTS CAN DEVELOP LIFE LONG SKILLS , VALUES ACHIEVEMENT , SAFE NET TO EXPLORE , ACCOUNTABILITY OUR COURSES Health Science Nutrition Science Nursing Food And Hospitality Mangement This Photo by Unknown author is licensed under CC BY-ND. This Photo by Unknown author is licensed under CC BY-SA. Behavioral Health COUNSELING "PREPARES STUDENTS FOR LIFE, IT WILL HELP DEVELOP LIFE SKILLS EARLY THAT YOU CAN CARRY THROUGHOUT YOUR LIFE' LIFELONG LESSONS BEGIN WITHIN THE CLICK OF THE MOUSE" -- OUR ONLINE PRORAM IS ABLE TO PROVIDE AFFORDABLE EDUCATION AT A TOUCH OF YOUR FINGER IN THE COMFORT OF YOUR HOME AND WITHIN YOU BUDGET. MARKETING • Mobile App • News Letters • Radio, Commercials THANK YOU! HAWAII EDWARDS INDIVIDUAL PORTION PROJECT Discuss at least 2 marketing strategies that reflect the segment’s qualities, and explain why the marketing strategies support the segment’s qualities ...
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Project 5 Online Customer
Relationship Management
Student’s Name

Medical Education Academy (Med Ed)
• personalized customer interaction
• Customer relationship management (CRM)
• customer experience management (CEM)

PCI strategy
• PCI strategy includes sending personalized
• Data integration with our customer
relationship management system.
• Sending customers messages related to their
needs bearing their preferred name.
• Using the same agent to attend to a repeat

Customer relationship management
• The college has put in place a dynamic CRM to ensure
all the data at any points of contacts is captured, stored
and, utilized for improved relationships.
• follow-ups made after an enquiry or visit our website.
• Storage of records of suppliers, staff, students and
other individuals who interact with in a shared
• This st...

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