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Hi! I need to write an appeal for my application denial for my university. I need it to sound very professional and very sincere because I cant afford to lose a semester due to my lack of transferable units. If someone could please make it a little more sencere because I'm horrible at writing letter. That'll be greatly appreciated.

Dear Committee Members:

I recently received notification from __________ informing me that I have been denied admission for Fall 2020 due to not having enough transferable units. However, I believe I should be admitted to _________ for the following reasons:

I submitted my transcript online which totaled up to 49 transferable units. I’ve taken 3 more classes after I submitted my transcripts and am taking 3 more classes which equal up to 17 extra units.

This is all I have right now.

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Final Answer

Hello 👋! Could you please take a look at this. Please take note at the dashes and (________) and sections written in red font. I wish you all the best and good bye!

Address Line 1
Address Line 2
Address Line 3
Address Line 4
Address Line 5


Appeal Against

Dear Committee Members:
I hope you are faring on well; all my best wishes to all of you from wherever you are.
I am writing in regard to the reply I received from __________ regarding my application for
__________. I recently received a notification informing me that I have been denied...

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