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The primary documents, normally an extract of text (especially a quotation) or image, is provided as a context for analysis, discussion, or translation. A well written gobbet should have the following elements:

a. it will identify the document and context (including its language, whether the text provided is a translation, and the place where this document was done), its purpose and the main characters involved;

b. it will comment on the particular point or points raised in the extract (ask yourself, why was this extract set?);

c. it will explain any distinctive words or phrases;

d. it will then, towards the end, comment more discursively on some of the broader issues involved. Is this a true or accurate narrative of events? Are the hopes of the protagonist ultimately realized? Where does this extract fit into the wider context of what we know from our sources?

Try to make about four to five points, and do not write more than 800 words or fewer than 500. Avoid an over lengthy introduction; get to the point quickly, do not simply rephrase the wording of the gobbet, and make sure that you analyze it. Gobbets are designed to assess your ability to comment critically upon source material, whether a text or an object. Each gobbet will have at least one specific point that should be addressed/analyzed, so always consider why a particular passage/image has been chosen.

For those of you also taking literature modules in other Schools, please note that history gobbets are less an exercise in textual criticism and much more an attempt to get to the heart of the issues contained within a document, and the issues concerning the nature of the document itself. On the following pages are your gobbet selections.

For your assignment you are required to write on two topics. Richard Nixon on the American Standard of

Living (1959) and George W. Bush on the Post 9/11 World (2002)

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Richard Nixon on the American Standard of Living (1959)

The extract of text was taken from the U.S. Vice President Richard Nixon's speech that
he made in Moscow when he was opening the American National Exhibition event. The purpose
of the event was to illustrate the American way of life. This was during when there was bitter
rivalry between the U.S.S.R and the U.S due to the cold war. The exchange programs intended to
improve the two countries' relations. Nixon’s speech highlighted American’s freedom and
warned against nuclear war. The speech title was about the ongoing arguments about what is
freedom during the Cold War.
Major Points of the Speech
The major issue that is Nixon’s is addressing is the issue of weakness of a capitalistic
society. As such, he asks different questions in relation to exhibitions that help elaborate on the
cons of a capitalistic society. He pausing by asking what is inequality and injustice. In the
speech, Nixon’s illustrates the challenges the American society is undergoing through such as the
issue of unemployment. However, he highlights the measures that have been taken to address the
issue of unemployment and needy in society.
Notably, Nixon outlines the benefits of the capitalist by indicating the number of employed
employees that are enjoying the highest living standards. He outlines that problems that
Americans are facings can be solved by the system of the government. As such, the workers have
the right to strike in order to better their living conditions.



The given passage is significant in the whole speech, as it touches on different aspects
that Vice President Nixon’s addressed in his during the opening of the exhibition in Moscow.
The speech explores the weaknesses and strengths of a capitalistic society.

George W. Bush on the Post-9/11 World (2002)
The quotation was taken from President Bush 2002 State of the Union address, where
highlighted the impacts of the terror attac...

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