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, you are to write a 300-500 word (1-2 page) “religion and human rights in the news” report. In each report you are to include: 1) a summary of a recent news story which is relevant to the topic being addressed that day; and 2) a short analysis of the role you see religion playing in the news story. the article has to be included in the report

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Running head: RELIGION AND HUMAN RIGHTS IN THE NEWS REPORT Religion and Human Rights in The News Report Mansour Alghamdi Dr. Sam Houston FSEM100-Religion and human rights 3/19/2020 1 RELIGION AND HUMAN RIGHTS IN THE NEWS REPORT 2 Religion and Human Rights in The News Report The rampant growth of reckless persecution of religious groups and individuals is worrying. Muslims have been gunned down in various mosques during their prayer sessions, Christians have been tortured and their places of worship burned in the different parts of the world; furthermore, Jews have been killed in the synagogues. As a result, dignitaries like Antonio Guterres have raised critical concerns over the issues. Important to note, the above-mentioned criminal activities are highly condemned as they depict an extreme degree of human rights violations ("World must stamp out persecution of religious groups, Guterres declares on new UN Day", 2019). To effectively curb such activities, a special day is set aside to play a critical role in creating awareness among all religious groups to stop any further reckless and senseless persecution of the religious groups and people. They are encouraged to be brave and stun when it comes to injustices and unfairness related to religion and human rights in extension. As such, the cases will be significantly reduced, giving room for spiritual, justice, and equality growth. In the article, religion plays a critical role in exhibiting human rights violations against religious groups and individuals. Notably, the religious unit which stands in the middles of hopelessness gets chocked at the end of the day by the hungry and thirsty driven individuals in the society. Fascinatingly, if these parties stay on firm ground and preach against human rights violations, most of the reckless cases will significantly decrease. This is because the groups will get paramount and significant support from the various parts of the world. Also, religious groups should avoid unnecessary fear when it comes to such instances. As such, they will be able to deal with any form of attack that comes their way. In the long run, this will significantly help in RELIGION AND HUMAN RIGHTS IN THE NEWS REPORT 3 promoting unity and fairness in society. Religion symbolizes fairness, equality, and justice. And thus, they should live to that. Article link: ...
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"Use of religious beliefs to justify rights violations must be outlawed says UN
Discriminations against women, LGBT, and girls are fought in most parts of the globe
in the modern society. According to the statement of the United Nations reporter regarding
belief and religious freedoms, religious beliefs play a significant role in causing this

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