California National University Inclusion of Special Education Students Paper

California National University

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All the instructions are attached, I have already had a paper written on diversity amongst cultures, diversity, inclusion and exclusion influences on culture, and gun control. So anything else but those subjects! Appreciate all the help!

California National University Inclusion of Special Education Students Paper

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Here you go!Let me know if you like it ūüėá

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Inclusion and diversity are fundamental principles for a well-founded society.
One especially pertinent area where inclusion is crucial is in the education sector.
However, certain issues in modern-day life definitely can be improved upon and where
not enough effort and due diligence is being applied. In the U.S., the education sector is
far from perfect, however, one area where there is a profound inequality is in the
quality of education for special needs students. Recently, in Ohio, a court case over the
rights of special needs students was won in favor of providing a more inclusive and
‚Äúappropriate environments‚ÄĚ to ensure a well-integrated education for them (Kelley,
2020). Currently, the education system does not plan much for special needs students
but this is going t...

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