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The challenge of terrorism against the United States has led the U.S. government to create the Department of Homeland Security with the hope of leveraging federal, state, and local police agencies as well as intelligence and immigration agencies to cooperate in communicating findings and creating joint efforts to stop threats of terrorism or confront a terrorist attack.

The current threat of terrorism has made many senators and representatives in the U.S. Congress think about combining all of the police agencies in the United States into one national police organization. The centralization of power would stop the discombobulated nature of the three government levels of police and provide a clear, overall standard on how to police not only terrorist acts but also crime in general.

Answer the questions below in 3–4 pages. Give your opinion concerning the topics, and provide examples. Discuss your findings regarding any statistics about the victims that you list. Discuss your thoughts about what options might be taken regarding victims of racial profiling. Be sure to back up your opinions with facts from cited sources.

  • Do you believe that labeling terrorism as a crime that can be committed domestically has changed policing? How? Why? Provide examples.
  • Have the number of victims of racial profiling increased over the last decade?
  • What laws and services are available for victims of racial profiling?
  • What other actions might be taken on behalf of victims of racial profiling?
  • Has the Department of Homeland Security helped fight terrorism, or has it simply duplicated the efforts and jurisdictions of other agencies? How has it helped?

Use the library, Internet, and other resources available to you to conduct your research. Provide APA citations and references.

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Crjs3 10 Unit 4 Assignment
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Do you believe that labeling terrorism as a crime that can be committed domestically has
changed policing? How? Why? Provide examples.
Yes. Labeling domestic crimes as terrorism has changed law enforcement. For many years, the
US constitution has failed in executing deserving punishment to lawbreakers, especially in cases
of domestic terrorism.
Federal Hate Crimes Statutes have been used in dealing with cases of terrorism within the states
from 1968 but has failed terribly in protecting Americans. Due to new cases, it has been
amended periodically to fit the degree of crime and making new precedents.
The US federal government has remained agile on security since September 11, 2001 terror
attacks. Years later, the country has been prone to attacks not only domestically but
Robert Bowers organized an attack on a church in Pittsburgh, Penn., The attack killed eleven
believers and maimed many others. They had gathered in Tree of Life Synagogue for a worship
service. Being a domestic attack, the court charged him under federal statutes on hate crimes for
violating the worshipers’ freedom of religious beliefs forcefully and by force and attempt to kill
with dangerous weapons.
The charges on Bowers were below the weight of the crime. The laws in the case of Bowers
failed to hold him accountable for what...

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