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Spencer and Frank Traditional Business Plan Case Study Paper

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major components of a traditional business plan. then from the information given here, selct any four components and develop them for your product's plan...........

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Spencer and Frank case study
Did the company do the right thing to fire spencer and Frank?
I believe the company did the right thing to fire the two. This is because they accessed the
company's private rooms without the knowledge of any other employee.
Do they have a legit lawsuit against sex discrimination?
The two have no legit lawsuit against sex discrimination. This is because the company
did not fire them because of the sex orientation but because of breaching security
The issue of at-will employment
At-will employment refers to a situation where employers can fire employees without
giving them a warning.
Right to privacy issues
Both the company and the employees can complain that their rights to privacy were
Business plan
12 traditional steps of a business plan

Executive summary

House scents are products making a large part of sales in household products. Almost
every family wants to have a home scents product that elimination odor or bad smell in the
Market and sector
The target market for our product is the homeowners. We choose to sell our products to
people from 18 years and above because, in one way or the other, even a student has a house.
Distribution and marketing
This is the essential step in a business plan. This determines how the product is going to
be distributed and the strategy to market it.
Co-workers and business coordination
For this business, the three founders will head the business activities. Since we cannot
handle all the processes, there is a need to hire more workers. These will ...

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