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Please write 3 pages written review of an industry publication or journal article dealing with some aspect of special event management and current trends. Then Create a PowerPoint presentation to accompany the report. The article must be founded in google no need for scholarly long articles. The 3 pages are double spaced. See this link to view examples of current trend: https://marketinginsidergroup.com/eventmarketing/the-biggest-event-trends-for-2020/ You can use this article https://helloendless.com/sustainable-event-trend/ ...
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Go Green: How to Start Creating Sustainable Events
According to the article, there has been a growing need for companies and organizations
to be sustainable and impose a great impact on to the environment as possible over the past years.
Sustainability has stuck into the systems and missions of many industries (Colston, 2018). Some
industries that have not adapted into the sustainability trend, including the event industry, are
gradually transitioning into activities and operations that are environmentally friendly. Both
established and starting companies, together with the event planners, are already researching ways
in which they can make their activities and events eco-friendly.
Before beginning any efforts to be sustainable, organizations, and events, planners must
understand the meaning of sustainability and its importance on both the success of the organization
and the environment. The author of this article defines sustainability as making adjustments in the
organization's operations and activities to reduce the depletion of natural resources. Sustainability
of all organizations is very critical for the maintenance of the environment. There is a growing
need for sustainable events due to various reasons; for instance, the amount of wastes produced
from an event is much higher and can affect the balance of the environment critically. The research
and studies conducted by event planners and organizations have shed light on many ways that can
be used to makes events sustainable.
The processes and decisions required to make events sustainable require the event...

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