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Assignment – IS 371 Security Policy and Implementation 10 Points Assignment : Create a User Policy Learning Objectives and Outcomes ▪ Create a report detailing user access policies based on your research. ▪ Explain the details of user policy creation in organizations. Scenario You work for a large, private health care organization that has server, mainframe, and remote user access. Your organization requires identification of the types of user access policies that should be provided to its employees. Sean, your manager, just came into your office at 6:00 p.m. on Friday and asks you to write a report detailing these user access policies. He needs you to research a generic template and use that as a starting point from which to move forward. He wants you to complete this task over the weekend as he has just been given a boatload of tasks in the management meeting which ended a few minutes ago. He is counting on you to take some of the load off his shoulders. The report is due to senior management next week. Assignment Requirements Look for existing policy templates and examples from organizations of similar type (look at for examples). Write a report detailing these user access policies based on your research, and place them into a table with an introduction explaining the following: who, what, when, why. Be sure to add a conclusion with a rationale for your selection. Reference your research so Sean may add or refine this report before submission to senior management. Submission Requirements ▪ Format: Microsoft Word ▪ Citation ▪ Length: 2–3 pages Self-Assessment Checklist ▪ I created a professional report. ▪ I included a table listing policies for the given scenario. ▪ I used references. ▪ I used my school’s preferred style guide and formulated my report clearly. ▪ I provided a rationale and conclusion. ...
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User Access Policies

User-Access Policy:
Purpose: The user-access policy is meant to ensure sustainable security levels in protecting RSA
healthcare data and information systems from uncertified connections. The policy shall explain
the rules required to attain security and make sure of safe and dependable operations of the
healthcare information systems.
I. All user accounts, consisting of a username and a password, for every user, with the proper
level of rights, is designed within the domain controller or authentication server. Only the user
accounts will be allowed to access any computer belonging to the domain members.
II. Every worker in the company has a designated e-mail account to ease communication among
III. IT manager allocates a distinct username to every person by use of the following form:
Firstnameandlastname or Firstnameandlastnamefirstcharacter or
IV. The IT manager will establish all the user acco...

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