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BUS 241 Jubail University College Breakeven Excel Calculations Project

BUS 241

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I don’t understand this Management question and need help to study.

i need answers for question 1 part B,C only

part B should include the draw using excel

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Jubail University College Department of Business Administration Semester 402 Assignment No: II Section No: Course Code: BUS 241 Course Name: Operations Management Student ID Student Name 1. 2. 3. Page 1 of 4 SEMESTER 402 OPERATION MANAGEMENT (BUS 241) Assignment II Submission on Blackboard: Wednesday (March 26, 2020), Week 10 NO. OF STUDENTS IN A GROUP: 3-4 MAXIMUM MARKS: 10 Question 1 - 15 Marks Question 2 - 5 Marks Question 3 – 5 Marks Total Mark: Out of 25 marks Total Mark: Out of 10 marks Note: a. Follow the same group of assignment 1. b. Write the formula for every question depending upon the requirement (CLO 6) Page 2 of 4 Calculations: Answer all the THREE questions Question 1: A petrochemical manufacturer wants to take a decision on identifying the range of production volume for each type of the production process. You are given the opportunity to contribute your views in making a choice among the processors. The annual fixed and variable costs for each process is given in the table below: (15 Marks) Process A B C D Fixed cost (in $) Variable cost (in $) per gallon 20000 95 60000 55 90000 45 50000 75 a. The selling price of one gallon of chemical is $275. Which process would you suggest it the demand is 5000 gallons annually? What will be the profit for this volume of demand? (5 marks) b. Conduct breakeven analysis and determine the range of units for each of the process (use excel to draw the graph). (6 marks) c. Is there any process that is not considered? If so, why? (2 mark) d. Mention which process is suitable for the volume of production mentioned below. (2 mark). a. 750 gallons b. 3000 gallons c. 25000 gallons d. 12500 gallons Page 3 of 4 Question 2: An investor of a chain of retail outlets is planning to centralize their warehouse for the retail outlets that are plotted on the below graph. The investor discussed with his manager to come up with a centralized location to setup a warehouse so that the transport cost is optimal such that equal amount of goods are dispatched every day to these outlets. (5 Marks) Question 3: How does information technology contribute in operations management? (5 marks) Note: Not more than 200 words Page 4 of 4 ...
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I have attached the final breakeven a...


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