Cuban Links by Rodarius Marcell Green Reflection Paper

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in this paper the song I chose was cuban links by rod wave. discuss how his lyrics are deeper than the surface and elaborate on how he's talking about how he came from nothing because he was a young black boy that grew up in poverty and in the music video it shows that he has made it to fortune but did it the hard way because he faced hard times. tie in the black culture as well.

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In this paper, the song that I have chosen is “Cuban Links” by Rodarius Marcell Green,
whose professional stage name is Rod Wave. The artist is an American rapper, singer as well as
a songwriter who grew up in St. Petersburg, Florida. In the song, Rod Wave describes how he
grew up in poverty as a young boy of African American descent. Growing up in his hometown
was not as smooth as it was for other youngsters his age. The singer was raised by both his father
and mother, who separated after he joined the elementary school. This was a hard hit on the
youngster as living with a single parent is one of the most challenging experiences a child would
go th...

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