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Be sure to use THREE direct quotes from the text to support your thesis. (Five paragraph set up!)

Please make sure to use MLA format as always and reference the Little Seagull Handbook which is linked in each week's module.

For the third essay, you can choose one of the below readings, or two if you want to compare them, and explain the issue each is addressing. Remember, you can choose to agree or disagree, just do not use “I” in expressing your feelings.

“Time and Distance Overcome” (97)

“To Siri, With Love” (101)

“Get a Knife, Get a Dog, but Get Rid of Guns” (59)

“Immigration Problem Is About Us, Not Them” (60)

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Immigration Problem
“Immigration Problem is About Us, Not Them” is an article written by Pilardi Jo-Ann. It
addresses the issue of immigration from the perspective of the Americans who employ illegal
immigrants from Mexico. The article has stated that for an extended period, the government has
focused on brown bodies entering the country’ southern and western states. However, it has not
focused on “illegal native employers.” A lot of resentment has been directed toward illegal
immigrants. They have been mistreated for a long period, which the author believes is not fair.
Moreover, these illegal workers cannot employ themselves. I agree with Pilardi’s insights
because, for more than 150 years, the American government has treated illegal workers...

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