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Chapter 3 of Vold's Theoretical Criminology discusses the prominence and role of Cesare Bonesana, marchese de Beccaria (Beccaria). Discuss specific elements of our current American criminal justice system that are based on or hold-overs from Beccaria's work.

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Running Head: The influence of Cesare Beccaria on the contemporary U.S. justice system

The influence of Cesare Beccaria on the contemporary US Justice System
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The influence of Cesare Beccaria on contemporary U.S. justice system

Over time, humanity's interpretation and perception of crime and retribution have
changed because logical scholarly resources have been applied to the topic of justice. The
period of Enlightenment in Europe, which took place between the 17th and 18th century was
brought about the most influential shift to the criminal justice system (Vold, Bernard and
Snipes, and Gerould, 2002). Famed as 'the age of reason,' scholars placed more emphasis on
the practice of reason than traditions. Before this period, spiritual doctrines pervaded much of
the European culture considerably, and its justice system, which utilized unpredictably harsh
punishments such as exerted confessions through torture or public hanging, and the offenders
were entirely subject to the whims of authority (Void et al., 2002). The Enlightenment period
greatly influenced the theorist, Ce...

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