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1. Are there professional barriers to being involved with the legislative process, such as retaliation from institutions or individuals who do not share your same viewpoints? What steps would you take to ensure you can represent the advanced registered nurse as a leader and patient advocate under these types of circumstances?

2. Chapter 14 in the textbook, Leadership in Nursing Practice: Changing the Landscape of Health Care, discusses the nursing profession's lack of representation in health care policymaking, even though nurses currently represent the largest profession within the health care industry. The text suggests that this may be related to gender inequality, with women making up a large percentage of the nursing profession. Do you see any correlation to this argument?

3 APA citation reference within the last 5years with nursing content.

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Professional Legislature
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Professional Legislature
1. Professional barriers to being involved with the legislative process
Yes. There are professional barriers to being involved with the legislative processes,
especially from individuals who do not share in the same viewpoints and values. The
legislative process involves coming up with policies meant to guide the day to day
functioning of the profession. As a result, the process can often be coupled with
disagreements as they get overly argumentative. Not all members involved in policymaking
are generally willing to compromise on particular issues. Some members can be too
controlling and closed-minded at the same time, hindering progress in policymaking. As a
result of these negative behaviors, the creation of nursing policies related to technology,
funding, and patient care has, in the past, proven to be an uphill task when not well
coordinated (Porter-O'Grady & Malloch, 2016).
First, I would involve the upper management in d...

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