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Students should write a 5 page paper (Not including title page or reference page) over aquatic programming. Paper should be APA style format with a minimum of 3 references included.

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Aquatic Programming
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Aquatic Programming
This paper has been prepared to discuss and highlight aquatic programs and what the
term entails. The paper will mention the different types of aquatic programs that are available
and what they are most suitable for. Later on, in the paper the various benefits of the
available programs will also be discussed and how they impact healthy living.
Aquatic programming can be described as the facilitation of all the activities that
intensify mental and physical fitness. There are various ways in which aquatic programming
can be performed, the most common factor during the exercise is that it is always carried out
in the vertical position in a big enough pool of water that could either be deep or shallow,
depending on the preference of the trainee (Aquatic Exercise Association, 2017). The various
variations are also dependent on the reason as to why the participant is taking up the program.
The properties of water that has collected either in a pool or even in the ocean give
people the ability to carry out several activities in the water that help the body in a large
number of ways. The main advantage of the use of water for exercise is mainly its buoyancy
which reduces the impact of exercise and this helps the joints to contract and relax. The
resistance forces of the water help the muscles also to contract and relax, hence the aquatic
activities can be attributed to a massage-like feeling. A massive pool of water is responsible
for a workout that is essential to all the major parts of the body responsible for physical
fitness. This means that a proper swim will simultaneously improve aerobic training,
endurance, muscular strength, body composition and flexibility (Nagle et al., 2017).
The two main types of water programming are shallow water programming and deepwater programming. A...

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