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I don’t understand this Python question and need help to study.

create a program that meets the exact point that is on the attached file

please make sure that there is non matching programs ((((no copy paste from online)))

a uniqie program that meets the requirmwnts

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Chapter 5: Homework 2 - Grade Averages CSCI111: Introduction to Computing Assigned: Wednesday, March 16, 2020 Due: Sunday March 25, 2020 at midnight on Blackboard Modify the grade avg function that we created in class to compute a grade according the following distribution. Homework Average 20% Class Participation 10% Project Average 40% Test Average 30% Requirements for this program are as follows: 1. the revised function should have four arguments and should return the numeric grade 2. your program must include a comment header with Author, Assignment (Homework 2), Description, and Due Date 3. your program must ask the user to input values for each component of the grade 4. your program must compute the new grade correctly 5. your program should print the final numeric grade in a clear understandable way 6. your program that you submit must be a script in a file named homework2 where you replace WillM with your first name and last initial. 7. submit just that program on Blackboard under Chapter 5: Homework 2. ...
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