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Temple University Week 2 The Social Identity Theory Essay

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Please see below for requirements. Two page reflection. The requirement is similar with previous one.

This reflection should tie all of the material together based on a theme that you identify, as opposed to just focusing on one particular topic. In the reflection, you will also:

  • Summarize key ideas from the readings, videos, discussions, and course materials.
  • Distinguish what you are most intrigued (surprised, excited, fascinated) by, and if applicable, identify where your understanding is still unclear or you have questions.

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Week 2 Reflection
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Week 2 Reflection

The social identity theory focuses on the characterization of individuals in group
settings. While group identities create the notion of a homogenous background, individuals
have different reasons for subscribing to certain group identities. In the 20th century,
participation in various sporting activities was by white males. As such, when other races
made milestone achievements in American sports, they received widespread media attention.
However, the concept of race was intertwined with that of gender diversity in sports. Women
did not receive the same recognition as men despite putting in equal efforts in the same
sports. The social identities of sports groups in the 19th and twentieth centuries coincided with
the fight for equality, freedom and justice during th...

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