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Subject of the paper: Computerized facility management solutions

Requirement: I require a research paper on the mentioned topic above. The file should contain an introduction and also a conclusion and should feature the following topics (all three of them as based on these the professor will grade the paper):

  • Computerized facility management solutions
  • Summarize AiM by AssetWorks

Research on different computerized FM solutions: CAFM, CMMS, & IWMS

Format: The paper should be awritten report, up to 4 full pages, written in the following format – Calibri (Body)/ 11 pt, single spacing ,1-inch margin. On the other hand, external references need to be used (no older than 2015 and from academic resources) and should be correctly cited (APA format references)

*** The work will be checked for plagiarism through Turnitin by the professor. It is essential for everything to be free of plagiarism otherwise sanctions will be imposed***


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Computerized Facility Management Solutions
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The Computerized facility management solutions function as an organizational database
that is used in storing information on one's facilities. Such information is vital to the
organizational operations and includes everything which ranges from organizational energy
consumption, a comprehensive list of floorplans as well as vital contact details of all the
employees and the clients. The computerized facility management thus acts as a blueprint of an
organization with all the information about such organizations that have been confined in one
place for quick access and operations of the organization (Mutis & Hartmann, 2018). For smooth
operations of an organization, they do require well-established computerized facility
management which can make the management fast track the performance of the organization
which is key in formulating a SWOT and PEST analysis for an organization.
AiM by AssetWorks
The Computerized facility management solutions AiM's operations and maintenance
solution are very important as it cuts through the complexity of the modern workplace and aids
in organizing an organization's assets for enhanced operations. They are deemed as the
management solutions which are capable of propelling an organization to have effective
management which results in increased productivity.
In real-life situations, computerized facility management may take different forms based
on the nature of the organization and the ...

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