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The Bone Collector Film Analysis
Based on a novel, The Bone Collector follows the career of forensic expert Lincoln
Rhyme (Denzel Washington). He was an expert police officer whose expert testimony managed
to put an officer who was found guilty of doctoring evidence to obtain false murder convictions
behind bars for six years. Rhyme became a quadriplegic after a concrete beam fell on him in a
sewer tunnel when he was investigating a police officer's death. Due to his fears of turning into
a 'vegetable,' he contacts a doctor friend of his and asks him to help him 'transition' through
assisted suicide. However, when he is confronted with clues from a serial killer, his interest in
life is re-invoked, and he sets out to engage in forensics investigation. Since he could not move
from the neck down, except for one of his finger, which was always on a computer mouse, he
makes a young female cop Amelia Donaghy (Angelina Jolie) his eyes and legs in crime scenes
through radio contact. The film also features Michael Rooker as Captain Howard Cheney, a
police captain whose increasing interest in the press makes him ignore or bungle most of the
cases of killings committed by the serial killer. Towards the end of the film, Rhyme is
confronted by the cop he put behind bars, who attempts to kill him, but Donaghy saves him by
shooting the vengeful cop in the nick of time. The film ends with Rhyme, h...


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