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In your small groups, focus only on the chapters “Dream House as Man vs. Self” (pg. 119, motif) and “Dream House as Choose-Your-Own Adventure” (pg. 162, genre). (should take approx 15-20 mins)

For both chapters, please answer questions 1-2, then follow step 3.

1. What is one expectation/convention/characteristic of each genre/motif?

2. How are these fairytale expectations related to the story Machado is telling in this chapter? Are they the same as the genre/motif? Or different? How? What does that similarity or different tell us as readers?

3. Respond to your classmates—help them clarify and deepen their thinking.

**You only need to do one expectation/convention for each chapter, because you can come together as a group to discuss your own opinions! Think of the genre/footnote as commentary on the story—for this homework, you’re explaining what that commentary is.

**If you're not sure how to do this, I demonstrate it here (Links to an external site.) and here (Links to an external site.).

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Final Answer


1. What Is One Expectation/Convention/Characteristic Of Each Genre/Motif?
One of the expectation of the motif of “Dream House as Man vs. Self” (pg. 119, motif) is
uncertainty as the character is anchored onto past experiences. In the chapter, the dog’s
decisions are influenced by past experiences, the loss ...

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