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ECOM 301 SEU Wk 12 Annual E Marketing Plan for West Elm Company Paper

ECOM 301

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ou should put together an annual e-marketing plan to help set the marketing in general on the right course to make any company's business goals a reality. It is a high-level plan that guides the direction of the team's campaigns, goals, and growth.

You need to select a B2C website

The web site is to be a brand site, not a site for a mega corporation with many different brands. For example: is a corporate website, while,,, are all Brands website.

You can use one of these companies: Nordstrom - Fancy - Bloomingdale - West elm - Bergdorf Goodman

An effective e-marketing plan should contain the following elements:

Introduction – what is the product or service? Describe it in detail and explain how it fits into the market.

  • Business Summary
  • Target Market
  • Marketing Objectives and goals
  • Market Strategy
  • Budget
  • Marketing Channels
  • Evaluation Plan

Summary – Summaries profits, costs, advantages and why the plan should succeed.

Guidelines for the project assignment: Follow ALL the instructions in the attached PDF file

  • Use font Times New Roman, Calibri or Arial.
  • Use 1.5 or double line spacing with left Justify all paragraphs.
  • Use the footer function to insert page number.
  • Ensure that you follow the APA style in your project.
  • Your project report length should be 2000 words.
  • If the assignment shows plagiarism, the students would be graded zero.
  • Student has agreed that all tutoring, explanations, and answers provided by the tutor will be used to help in the learning process and in accordance with Studypool's honor code & terms of service.

    Final Answer



    Annual E-Marketing Plan for West Elm Company
    Institutional Affiliation


    Company Name: WEST ELM COMPANY
    West Elm is a company that was started in the year 2002 by William Sonoma. The retail
    store deals with contemporary furniture designs and other housewares. Its headquarters are based
    in San Francisco, California in the United States. The company has 625 and mortar stores that
    distribute to more than 60 countries (Byron, 2017). The company brands include pottery barn for
    home furnishings, pottery barn kids for children, PBteen which is furnishing for young adults
    and even the West Elm which is the modern housewares.
    With an increasing demand for its products, West Elm has established an online platform
    for the company to sell the products online. The company fits into the market since the global
    economy is focused on the products and services that are necessary for the beatification of their
    homes and houses (Byron, 2017). As a retail shop, West Elm has also invited very many
    companies to sell their products through its stores making it be considered the best company.
    Business Summary
    The marketing leadership team for West Elm company includes a team of professionals
    in the online platform who adversities the products (Byron, 2017). With the chief marketer and
    where the origin of command comes, the marketing team is led by the management and they are
    mainly focused on ensuring that there are quality delivery and marketing services as required by
    the customers.
    The mission statement for the Company is to make it simple to express personal style at
    home with affordable, authentic as well as responsible products. the company woke intending to
    inspire, promote creativity and encouraging innovation among the workers (Byron, 2017).

    The company also has a website where their customers can easily reach them and get
    access to their products. The security settings of the website guarantee them to secure online
    shopping which is very important since they are even selling for other companies. The website
    gives the option for the supply of products across several countries globally.

    SWOT Analysis
    West Elm has a good marketing strategy and a good market outreach through which is
    mainly based on its online platform. In the housewares industry, the most important and crucial
    thing to know is the market (Bernard et al, 2017). This is so because West Elm is also selling
    different products which are related to the product that they are producing and therefore the
    market is very important for them. The products from West Elm company are slightly cheap
    which is making them affordable by most of the people in the countries they are selling to. This
    is making it very easy to sell the products that they are producing (Bellver et al, 2019).
    The company is also providing by offering a warranty which was even making their
    customers trust them more. The company has also laid down strong strategies that keep the
    company on track as far as marketing and sales are concerned. Additionally, the company is
    producing and dealing in products which are products are excellent and of high quality hence
    making giving the promotion team the right approach and intervention as recommended by the
    customers. The company also has a well-...

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