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First, you need to do proofreading and fix some text, and check the sentence meaning, need to fix the confusing meaning sentences.

Second, you need to check cited work weather follow the punctuating titles file and MLA 8 :https://owl.purdue.edu/owl/research_and_citation/mla_style/mla_formatting_and_style_guide/mla_general_format.html

Third, you need to add 400 words to reach 1000 words about how hard work I did for my four essays, like Literacy Narrative, Proposal, Report and Reflection/ Meditation, and learning Journal that I wrote twice every week.

Self-Evaluation Essay:

Please write an essay evaluating your learning and performance in this course. The grading options are A+, A, A-, B+, B, B-, C+, C, D+, D, D-, F.

Your essay must include these items:

  • A proposal for a specific letter grade from those listed in bold above must appear in the first and last sentences of your essay.
  • Analysis and evaluation of your reading, writing, and participation should be given.
  • Some statement about your future learning should be given.

You are evaluating your learning and work, not this course though comments about the course may be part of your essay.

The length and content of your essay are up to you, remembering that the bulleted items above are required.

The grade that you propose will be your grade for the course unless I find that it is not warranted. In that case, I will award a grade no lower than that corresponding to the overall grade on your written work.

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Surname 1 Name Instructor Course Date Evaluation Essay I grade my learning and performances in this course to be a grade-A because I have been able to learn and acquire knowledge important in my understanding of literary works. The class has had a positive impact on my academic life as well as in my understanding the importance of narratives. The class impacted how I evaluate other people's work, thus providing insight on how I should make my work better to avoid negative evaluations. During the class discussions that were weekly, I noted that my participation helped to improve not only my work but the works of my colleagues because they were able to read my evaluations and understand the points I made. Similar to this, reading other people's work helped me to try to become keen on detailing my work for people to understand me better. In the future, I hope that I will be able to integrate the knowledge attained in this class with other courses I shall take to become a better student as well as the reader. One of the post-apocalyptic books I have read and believe to be the best is The Road by Cormac McCarthy. The book follows the journey of a father and his son as they try to make their way south to escape the upcoming winter. I consider the book to be a good read because it checks out most of the things, I consider to be great in such a narrative. The book shows how human society has been affected by the apocalypse. Empty roads, lack of food and clean water, and also lack of a world government. Unlike Surname 2 other post-apocalyptic narratives, the book highlights how societal morality and social setting has been changed by the extinction-level event that took place in the world. The aspect of humanity is lost, and people casually kill and eat each other due to lack of resources. In addition to this, the human race has fallen to despair, and the main protagonists embody the concept of hope for humankind through the idea of carrying the fire. Most of the post-apocalyptic texts fail to deliver in showing the challenge of change in mortality after such an event. Thus I believe this aspect sets the book apart from the others I have had the opportunity of reading. The book also encompasses the idea of survival of the fittest, which I believe is expected to be experienced after the event alters the way of life of many people. People in the novel have resulted to cannibalism because there is little food to satisfy the remaining population in America. In other post-apocalyptic narratives, people have access to clean water and food. However, they should not be available since the event will have affected the climate and water bodies. I grade my learning and performance on this course as a Grade A because I believe that I have been able to acquire knowledge that has had a positive impact on how I understand and appreciate literary works. The course has played an important role not only in my grades for my total GPA but, to the understanding of literature. I found the book, The Road by Cormac McCarthy to be an interesting read because the work offered a different view of the idea of a post-apocalyptic earth. The book’s view on the concept of hope and how it displayed the idea of survival for the fittest as well as man’s despair, sets it apart from other literary works that have adopted the narrative. Overall, Surname 3 the course will play a significant role in my academic life as well as the future courses I shall take up. Punctuating Titles: When to Use Italics, Underlining, and "Quotation Marks." It's easy for students to forget that different types of titles require different typographical features. It is even harder to remember which type of title requires which type of punctuation. Despair not! If you remember these two handy rules, you can keep the difference straight: 1) Short works and parts of long works are usually in quotation marks. 2) Long works and collections of short works are usually put in italics (or underlined when submitting publication work to editors). "Short Works" & "Sections of Longer Works" Long Works & Collection of Short Works 1) "Title of a Short Poem." Ex: "The Raven." Title of an Epic Poem or Book-Length Poem Ex: The Odyssey 2) "Title of a Short Story." Ex: "Young Goodman Brown" Title of a Novel Ex: The Scarlet Letter 3) "Title of an Essay" Ex: "The Fiction of Langston Hughes" Title of a Collection or Anthology of Essays Ex: Modern Writers and Their Readers 4) "Title of a Short Song" "Money Talks" Title of a CD, Cassette, or Album Ex: The Razor's Edge, by AC/DC. Also: Title of a Ballet or Opera Ex: The Nutcracker Suite or Die Fliedermaus Also: Title of Long Classical or Instrumental Compositions Identified by Name, Rather than Number. Ex: Wagner's The Flight of the Valkyries 5) "Title of a Skit or Monologue" Ex: "Madman's Lament" Title of a Play Ex: The Importance of Being Ernest 6) "Short Commercial" "Obey Your Thirst." Title of a Film Ex: Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones 7) Title of "Individual Episode" in a Television Series. "Sawyer's Past" Title of a Television Series as a Whole Ex: The Lost Ex: Everybody Loves Raymond 8) "Title of a Chapter in a Book" Ex: "Welsh Mountains" Title of a Complete Book Ex: A Guide to Welsh Geography 9) "Encyclopedia Article" Ex: "Etruscan" Title of Encyclopedia Ex: Encyclopedia Brittanica 10) "Title of an Article in a Magazine" Ex: "Training Your Toddler" Title of the Magazine. Ex: Parenting 11) "Title of an Article in a Newspaper" Ex: "Man Kills Seven in Subway" Title of the Newspaper Ex: The New York Times 12) "One or Two Page Handout" Ex: "Old English Verbs: A One Page Guide" Pamphlet Ex: The Coming Kingdom of God and the Millennium. A Few Final Notes: • In past editions of MLA, underlining a title and italicizing it were considered synonymous. That is no longer the case, and the current edition of MLA favors italics. If you submit articles for publication, some proofreaders and copy editors prefer underlining to italics. The arrival of word-processing has made italics fairly easy to make, and many people think they look classier than underlining. • Traditional religious works that are foundational to a religious group or culture are capitalized, but not italicized or underlined. For instance, note the Torah, the Bible, the Koran, the Book of Mormon, and the Vedas [no italics or quotation marks]. • Visual artwork, including paintings, sculptures, drawings, mixed media, and whatnot, is italicized, never put in quotation marks. Thus, Van Gogh's Starry Night and Rodin's The Thinker both have italics. • The one exception to this policy is the title of your own unpublished student essay at the top of the first page. You do not need to underline your own title or put it in quotation marks. Capitalization of Titles Normally, most words in a title are capitalized. The most common rule is that all "important" words should be capitalized, which I think isn't helpful as a criterion. In actual practice, MLA requires the first and last word in the title is capitalized, along with every noun and every verb, every adjective, and every adverb. MLA typically does not capitalize prepositions and articles; however, outside of MLA requirements, many other guidelines call for capitalizing every word that is more than three letters long. Another common rule of thumb is to capitalize the first and last words of the title, and then capitalize everything else except for prepositions and articles. Sometimes, especially in short titles, every single word might optionally be capitalized. Examples: The Planet of the Apes [The words "of" and "the" are not capitalized.] The Land that Time Forgot "Why Not Me?" [Since title is so short, all the words are capitalized.] "Losing My Religion" [Since title is so short, all the words are capitalized.] You can refer to how the author or book capitalizes the title to double-check how the author did it. When in complete doubt, just capitalize every word; it is better to capitalize too many words than too few in a title. Capitalizing words does not mean putting each letter in capital print, only the first letter. Do not indicate titles by putting them in all capitals, like DRACULA. Instead, write Dracula. Note that these guidelines reflect Modern Language Association (MLA) format for English students. Scientific articles follow different conventions in American Psychological Association (APA) format. ...
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Surname 1

China’s Corona Virus and Wildlife Consumption Ban
Global diversity is facing a huge threat from the destruction of wildlife. Its impact is way
ahead of the extinction of animals because of destruction of their natural habitat. I have written
this proposal to notify the Chinese government that they should ban consumption of wild
animals. Overexploitation of the natural habitat of wild animals that mostly relies on the
ecosystem results to destruction that can lead to pollution, climate change, and poaching
activities. Both human actions based on self-interest and uncertain natural ecosystem affect
wildlife, including the most recent outbreak of Coronavirus in China, and the country’s ban on
wild animal trade. There has been a problem since the proactiveness of the government in
banning the trade and consumption of wild animals was implemented, after the deadly virus
causing illness. The proposal written to the government is not to impose a temporary ban on
wildlife consumption, because of coronavirus’ easy transmission, but a long-term end to protect
the natural ecosystem and their habitat. The Chinese government only emphasized on banning
wild animal consumption because of the infectious diseases which is mostly transmitted from
animals. Most wildlife markets in many Chinese regions are on the verge of shutdown because of
low sales, and the ban on wildlife consumption and trade has taken the international spotlight.
The people involved in wildlife trade and consumption have never been concerned about the
practice of taking innocent lives of animals. Rather, the prioritize profit at the expense of their
health. Regrettably, the practice just shows how people can be heartless about their future,
because of ecological imbalance caused by wildlife poaching. In reality, the Chinese government
is unwilling to ban wildlife consumption, which was one of the biggest markets in China, until
the outbreak of the coronavirus.

Surname 2
However, the uncertainty that surrounds the emergence of the deadly virus got people
bewildered, because it’s not verifiable whether its major cause is from the consumption of
wildlife animals. However, prior to the emergence of the deadly virus, people were consuming
raw meat from wild animals without considering the potential health risks. This acts as a basis to
the suspicion that the virus might have originated from uncontrolled food safety and lack of food
safety education to the Chinese people. However, the implementation of the policy barring the
consumption of wild animals has had negative impacts to many people who depend on the
business as their source of income.
While China is facing a severe disease in the form of a coronavirus outbreak, the problem
exists after the government temporarily bans the wild animal’s consumption. This being the
reason for the essay to exist, it will most often appear as its thesis statement and be expanded and
specified in the body of the essay. The coronavirus epidemic was first reported at the city of
Wuhan, which is also assumed to be a prominent business hub for wild animal consumption.
China is facing severe trouble after the central government failed to acknowledge one of the
important lessons of the SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome) epidemic almost 17 years
ago (Denyer and Li). The transmission of infectious diseases is a major threat to human existence
when wild animals of different species are kept in unhygienic conditions and proximity. The
permanent ban on wildlife consumption should be the priority of the government’s legislation in
order to prevent the spreading of the virus. The transport and selling of wild animals, starting
from markets, restaurants, supermarkets, and e-commerce platforms are not letting the virus
attack spread widely.
The government’s intervention to step-up a private center to mitigate the epidemic
outbreak is rigorous and with a concussion. It has pledged for inspection, and if found guilty for

Surname 3
illegal wildlife trade and violation of the law, the culprit will be treated per the violation act
around the peripheries of law. According to the Agriculture Ministry, the State Administration
for Market Regulation and the State Forestry and Grasslands Administration jointly issued a
statement which states, “Consumers should fully understand the health risks of eating wild
animals, stay away from ‘game’ and eat healthily” (Denyer and Li). This implies that consumers
should also be vigilant and avoid markets where wildlife meat is being sold. However, it’s the
responsibility of the government to ensure that the ban is effective and citizens are not exposed
to the deadly virus. There is a positive sign of the permanent end of wildlife trade and
consumption after the chief global Veterinaria, Christian Walzer believes that it is one of the first
essential steps to control the health crisis. Likewise, to the founder of WildAid, Peter Knight,
China, as one of the most advanced countries, needs to support the small market of a better
prospect and also monitor such a market from which the risk of global pandemics is high.
Besides that, a great approach would be more linen towards green ecologies and concerns of
conservation and natural surroundings, including the avoidance of animal cruelty. The virus
struck the city of Wuhan as a surprise and the government had not implemented any protective
measures to handle such disease. There was a need to commence the construction of a health
facility to address the disease which led to the initiation of the construction and equipping of a
hospital to handle all the health incidences from people who had been victims of the virus.
Notably, Wuhan is one of the major cities where wildlife trade has been practiced for decades.
Therefore, there was a need to ban the consumption of unsanitized meat in order to reduce the
possibility of further transmission of the deadly virus.
As one of the largest countries of wildlife trade and consumption, and the escalating
epidemic is definite to bring a change of attitude of consumer and mostly the central government

Surname 4
to amend the law that works towards ensuring wildlife conservation. Despite the deadly virus
having negative impacts through the loss of lives and destruction of trade, it will bring a long
term prevention measure for the government to monitor its citizens feeding habits and eliminate
the consumption of wild animals which pose great dangers to the health of human and the
disorder of the human civilization. This will also limit the spreading of the virus across the globe
because some of the multinational companies operate restaurants that offer wildlife meat in
foreign countries. Therefore, the ban will have long term positive impacts to the safety of all
human beings and wild animals around the globe. “The reality is more nuanced. In Guangzhou, a
city of 14 million in the southeast and a frequent destination for yellow-breasted buntings, eating
wildlife appears exceedingly common. In Beijing, it’s exceedingly rare” (Daly). Around 54
species, including ostriches, snapping turtles, Siamese crocodiles, and minks, are allowed by the
government to trade, and wild animals like snakes are poached. Some farmers also claimed that
the breeding of animals is done legally. According to the assistant professor of sociology,
Rebecca Wong believes that consuming wildlife is a natural phenomenon in China, and most
people consume from peer and societal pressures. An interview conducted in 2014 shows that
83% of Chinese people consumed wildlife animals in 2013. The high figures of wildlife
consumption implies that the government has failed in the implementation of the existing rules to
prevent the poaching and selling of wildlife meat which has recently been associated with the
emergence and spread of the deadly corona virus.
To ensure the protection of people’s health, the Chinese government must permanently
ban the supply chain of wildlife trade to avoid the coronavirus epidemic. Although the
government has introduced a hotline number where people can report wildlife poaching
incidences, it still needs to implement more proactive measures and strict laws outlining

Surname 5
punishment for every person found guilty of poaching and selling wild animals. People who have
been keeping wild animals for business purposes should also be forced to surrender them to the
government in order to completely eliminate the possibility of spreading of the virus. Notably,
people should also be educated on healthy eating habits in order to embrace the new change to a
completely new diet. However, it would have been much better to reflect the Chinese
government’s ethics if they had opposed illegal breeding and refraining the supply chain of
wildlife trade across supermarkets before the declaration of a global health emergency by the
World Health Organization. The consumers needs to be cautious of consuming wild animals as
exposure to the health threat, and the long-term ban is to pursue a safer environm...

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