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Seven Major Collaborative Technologies Research Paper

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Answer the EVEN OR ODD "Chapter Review Questions" at the end of Chapters 7, 8, and 9 (see pages 222, 252, and 287) in complete, grammatically correct sentences. Number each question to correspond to the number on the question being answered and submit one Microsoft Word compatible document with all answers.

Seven Major Collaborative Technologies Research Paper
Seven Major Collaborative Technologies Research Paper
Seven Major Collaborative Technologies Research Paper

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Chapter Review Questions
8-1. Seven major collaborative technologies
1. Web Conferencing: it facilitates online meetings known as webinars via the internet.
2. Email: it supports the distribution of photos, lists, birthdates, and other types of data.
3. Discussion Forums: it allows people to post, replies, text messages, and discuss topics of
4. Instant Messaging and Texting-instant messaging (IM): this technology offers real-time
text-based communication over a network
5. Group Decision Support Systems (GDSS): it helps groups brainstorm and improve their
decision-making process.
6. Interactive video: it allows participants to see non-verbal aspects of communication like
facial expressions.
7. Shared Workspaces: it organizes information resources and communication for a team.
8-2. The five Web 2.0 Technologies
1. Blogs: it offers a website, specifically for supporting ongoing images, commentary, and
links to online resources.
2. Wikis: it facilitates end-user contributions and allows users to add and edit web pages

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3. Social Networking: it facilitates online collaboration and interaction, whereby users can

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