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According to your readings, cloud computing represents one of the most significant paradigms shifts in information technology (IT) history, due to an extension of sharing an application-hosting provider that has been around for many years, and was common in highly regulated vertical industries like banks and health care institutions. The author’s knowledge from their research continue to assert that, the impetus behind cloud computing lies on the idea that it provides economies of scale by spreading costs across many client organizations and pooling computing resources while matching client computing needs to consumption in a flexible, real-time version.

Identify the issues and risks that pose concern to organizations storing data in the cloud - briefly support your discussion.


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Cloud computing, by its very definition, represents a technological milestone in the history of information technology advancement over the years. While this is so, the facilitation of storage, management, and processing of data on networks of remote servers over the internet is not without its issues and risks. From this understanding, it is noteworthy to acknowledge that the most common issue or rather a threat resonates around data security. In this line of this thought, there are other notable threats that cloud-stored data is faced with.

The first treat that has always been even before the cloud computing technology is data breaches. According to the Ponemon Institute’s study “Data Breach: The Cloud Multiplier Effect” (2014), a significant percentage of IT professionals believe that data protection on cloud services is inherently flawed. From the findings, it was reported that there were three times more breaches on organizations that store data in the cloud as opposed to those that store data on their premises. This fact presents an inherent risk to organizations storing data in the cloud.

The second issue that poses a concern to organizations storing data in the cloud is an insider threat. This vulnerability is identified as a form of insecurity that originates from within a targeted organization. This security issue is made worse once an employee gets to access intellectual property such as virtual machines and confidential information such as financial forms and customer accounts (Angeles, 2015). And this is what is identified by entrusting a third party to look after one’s data; there will always be an individual who tries to impersonate the rightful owner (Angeles, 2015). Just as data breaches, insider threats are mainly characterized by misuse of information for malicious intent.

The third risk that poses a concern to organizations storing data in the cloud is insufficient due diligence. This risk arises from a human factor where organizations migrate to the cloud without understanding and acknowledging the services to expect (Morrow, 2018). In this manner, their incomprehension of the security measures as well as their responsibility is negated. In the end, such hasty actions expose their respective organizations to attack by numerous threats.

In conclusion, numerous avenues may be used to exploit the data stored in the cloud. While most of these issues present technical attributes, it is worth noting that human errors are factored in. From this understanding, it is worth acknowledging that organizations ought to engage in a strategic iterative approach that captures an all-round appreciation of the technical and human factors surrounding data storage on the cloud. With this approach, issues and risks that pose a concern to organizations storing data in the cloud would be mitigated.


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Cloud computing is portrayed as it is a common resource which gives dynamic access to figuring organizations which covers all system to completely operational and maintained applications. which can be developed by excommunicating by methods for web and VPN which will give more noteworthy security. which will take out the server hardware and sending whole establishment. Some instance of conveyed figuring are AWS and Azure. we do have not many flaws using conveyed processing they are a part of the security threats are:

1) Information misfortune: at whatever point our information is eradicated or invigorated then it can't be recovered until with the exception of on the off chance that it has support information setback may occur because of like losing encoding key, ranking it from records and taking care of it in dangerous media. Basically providers of cloud organizations have the a larger number of benefits accessible to them than singular clients. Model is a couple of times drives/circle mishaps prompts information disaster. (Bhowmik, 2017)

2) Information breaks: So a couple of times our information is hurt coincidental deu to the nonattendance of awerness, by chance it can deal sensitive data, forsook that affiliation must be proactive for this circumstance with IG game plans to fight what kind of beach is that. This kind of damages, generally, happens in cloud computing due to architectural or operation; Eucharistic of cloud condition. Like having lacking check, endorsement and survey controls.

3) Hacking and maverick interruptions: So it is basic to fathom for your cloud providers security process for agents like how they are screening and does their background check completed how they got physical access and server ranch yielded and monitered when we have this security, privacy are not totally investigated which makes an importunity for developer to abuse this workplaces even nation state upheld interference. considering the level of access yielded to agents to control over cloud organizations with little or in no way peril of area. (Audette, 2011)

4. Insecure purposes of cloud association: So here information will move from the workstation in your framework to cloud and the other way around further advances information can be moved thus from application to cloud you have inside and the other way around like we should be cautious while masterminding API's it is standardize the association between applications. which has security like by using auth2.0 it will make token every time it made affirmation. like this we can confirm our affiliation.


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Issues and Risks Associated With Cloud Storage




Issues and Risks Associated With Cloud Storage
In the modern world, businesses deal with vast volumes of data, and information requires
massive storage, safe, and secure methods. Cloud data storage is computer-centered data storage
where digital data is kept in logical pools. The storage serves are managed physically by the
hosting company (Franks, 2015). The hosting company ensures that data is visible and accessible
by the users as long as they have an internet connection. People and organization buy storage
space to store tones of their valuable information to counter-attack ef...

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